Introducing Michael Martinez as Fakob Black

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Mike and Britten, Lisa Hansen- TwilightMOMS
My name is Mike.
I’m 5’6″. Graduated from Edinburg High School in 2006. From Edinburg,TX.

You can add me on facebook and and follow me on twitter @FakobBlack. I’m Cherokee-Spanish. Outside Twilight i work for Concord Hospitality Inc, Missy’s Modeling Studio and the seasonal Estee Lauder.

I enjoy swimming, tennis, weight training and photojournalism. I enjoy watching Family Guy, Smallville, and True Blood. I know french, spanish.

My favorite scene is the post wedding scene with Jacob and Bella. and my favorite book is Eclipse. I hope to be one of the werewolves in Breaking Dawn. I read Twilight for the first time this year after the movie came out and finished the series in a week! I had nights where i was up til 7am just to feed my excitement. And this all started because my friend Abigail told me I look like the guy from Twilight. I do my best to keep up with Taylor’s wardrobe. I want to meet the guy so I can give Twilight fans a better experience of Taylor.

Bookish Bling

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I am a book blogger and photographer who creates pieces of jewelry to go along with the books I love. Inspired by glitter, fairies, vintage, retro, steampunk, urban fiction, Young Adult fiction and anything printed on paper. See my etsy shop here and contact me about making custom jewelry for your book.

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Fire and Ice is a blog that reviews and highlights books mainly from YA and LDS fiction. We post parental content reviews Monday- Friday. If you are an author or publisher we invite you to contact us for interviews, promotional photo packages, author photos and reviews to help you promote your book. We also host Blog and ARC tours.

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Author Photos

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Heather Zahn Gardner’s author photos have been published in several books:
Descendant by Nichole Giles
Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett
Echoes of Eternity by Angela Corbett
Coming Soon- Rights Purchased, to be published 2014:
J. Scott Savage
Jenny Moore
Jacqueline Osherow
Marsha Ward
Authors currently using a Heather Gardner Photography photo as their profile pic:
Jennifer K. Clark
C. Michelle Jefferies
If you are seeking a new profile photo, contact Heather for scheduling.
Email fireandice (dot) heather@gmail (dot) com to schedule a sitting or with inquiries about pricing or printing images.


See galleries of past author photos by Heather Zahn Gardner here.