Popalicious Little Red Pendant Giveaway

30 Jan, 2010 by in etsy, pendant, woodland friends 20 comments

We are so excited to partner with Etsy seller “Popalicious” for our Freebie Friday giveaway:
Little Red Riding Hood and Woodland Friends Pendant, art by Maria Lunate
Here is a little about this Etsy seller and the cute Popalicious shop…
We carry a fun and trendy line of jewelry at a price tag you can afford…keep checking back for new items!

Come and visit us at our other locations on Etsy:


We make a donation each month to assorted Dachshund Rescues and the Etsy for Animals Charity of the month (10 percent)

Remember a pet is something that does not need to be gotten new…OPT TO ADOPT there are so many furbabies out there needing a wonderful home. If you ever need a little doxie in your life, please drop us a line and we will help you in any way possible.

Feel free to contact us at popalicious1@gmail.com any time! We would love to hear from you!

One little note: The hummingbird is very special to us and I would like to share the story. For over 10 years we have had a pretty little hummingbird feeder in our yard, hanging from the Dogwood tree. We keep in filled with sweet nectar and red ribbons flowing from the bottom and still there were no hummingbirds. Kept the vigil going, but still no rapid winged beauties appeared. Well just about 3 years ago, my mother (Sue) who lived with us since we were married and who we cared for for over 10 years when she became basically bedridden passed away. Well you can imagine how distraught we all were and especially me. I didn’t know what to do to calm myself down, I prayed which of course helped so much but I made a secret wish, I asked my mother to send me a sign to let me know she was ok. Of course I would not ask something that was easily accomplished so I asked her to send me a hummingbird and that way I knew she was in a wonderful place. Well, I told NO ONE of this wish! Absolutely NO ONE. A week after she had passed, my husband and son were in the backyard and i heard these screams! MOM get out here, you have to see. I flew outside and there was a hummingbird fluttering at the feeder…FIRST TIME EVER! Can you imagine my delight and when I told the family they were in “happy tears”. So the hummingbird is so special to us all and I love to share this uplifting story with everyone…a little bit of hope goes a long way.

Enter here to win her “Little Red” Handmade Pendant:
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Good luck! Contest ends on February 12th, 2010 and is open to international entries

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  1. Mundie Moms

    I adore this shop and LOVE this pendant!!
    What a fun giveaway

  2. Myra

    Just had to tell you that my grandmother is represented by a Cardinal. She called them redbirds. 😉 Sweet story!


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