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Handmade Cowl by Chilean Memegalarce

09 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, memegalarce, wool 16 comments

Today’s Chile relief giveaway is from native seller Memegalarce

Hello! Welcome to my little Etsy shop.
I am an artisan in construction; I live in Chile … the end of the world … The name of my hometown is La Ligua, from Quechua name that comes Lihua, which means wool which is woven to the house … the main economic activity in my city is the woolen fabric and the bakery elements that inspire part of my textile work … so I decided to name my knits with names of the rural towns near my hometown. I hope you enjoy the textures and the warmth of my work …
I hope you enjoy the visit and be interested in leading a part of me with you.
All the accessories you will find in this space are handmade and are part of my process of personal exploration through materials such as felt and wool.

I am a proud member of Etsy Latino Team

Hola! Bienvenidos a mi pequeña tienda de Etsy.
Soy una artesana en construcción que vive en Chile… al final del mundo…
Todos los accesorios que encontrarán en este espacio son hechos a mano y son parte de mi proceso de exploración personal a través de materiales como fieltro y lana.
Espero que disfruten la visita y se interesen por llevar una parte de mi con ustedes.

Soy una orgullosa integrante de Etsy Latino Team

Hand knitted cowl, made with natural Merino wool. Extra warm for coldest days of winter.

This cowl fastened with a of button made of Guayacan wood of center of Chile.

To enter to Win a handmade cowl, perfecrt for tracleing ot the end of the world and back: +1 Leave a comment below
additional entries +3 for each dollar contributed to our Chile relief fund via Paypal to or if you prefer to send supplies, please email me at

Here is Memgalarce’s message about Chile…
“I appreciate the invitation and interest in helping my country…the situation is still critical and I can see will not improve now that winter comes to the affected areas. I was traveling this week by the Maule region and the only thing that describes what I saw is: devastation and poverty.
I wonder which organization will channel the resources raised, as some agencies have centralized resources and areas remain unaddressed. I ask because I work in Fondo Alquimia ( the only fund for women in Chile and we are also developing a fundraising campaign to come to the aid of women and their communities … because we know that is through them to rebuild solidarity networks more effectively. The people there need underwear, shoes, bed clothes, some drugs, water…building supplies”

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Contest ends May 9, 2010 and is international, Good Luck!

PickleFacePlace Tie Giveaway

27 Mar, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, pickle face place, ties 18 comments

Today’s Etsy shop feature is one of my amazing friends…PickleFacePlace!
“After scouring stores for cute boy things, and not finding what I wanted, I decided to start making my own ties out of the fabrics I loved! My little pickle now has enough ties to last the rest of his life, and I’m passing my obsession on to you!”

Welcome to the Grand Opening of PickleFace Place!
Created by a mother who knows, we offer these uniquely combined features that deal with the challenges you’ve faced in trying to find the perfect tie for your little guy!

PickleFace Place ties are handmade with an adjustable Velcro closure for easy-on/easy-off. (A must, for wriggly, squiggly boys!) No clip-ons that droop, break, or fall off easily; no elastic that stretches out; and no full ties that can function as a cinch, posing a safety issue for busy, curious little boys.
PickleFace Place ties LOOK like full ties! Our straps are made from the same material as the tie itself, and each knot is tied perfectly for a tight, clean, crisp look. No more sloppy looking ties or re-tying after he wiggles himself out of it. These ties are made to stay put! We’re also always on the lookout for great new fabrics that will keep your boys looking dapper through all seasons and holidays!
PickleFace Place ties are…….…wait for it……….wait for it………..WASHABLE!! Seriously. Because what little boy do you know that actually keeps his clothes clean? Unlike other ties that use felt inserts, we use Pellon fleece, which is machine washable and won’t shrink. We thought you’d like that.
PickleFace Place offers FIVE standard sizes, offering a better fit for all your growing boy’s needs.

To enter to win
a custom tie of your choice:
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Contest ends April 27, 2010 and is International Good Luck!


Madame Scodioli Geek Scrub

26 Feb, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, madame scodioli soap 39 comments

Today’s etsy shop giveaway is from seller Madame Scodioli. I am a seeker of all things bath and body. So of course I love her little tins of fragrance and handmade vegan soaps.
The one posted above is Hierophant: Hierophant’s purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. This crisp, clean blend of sweetgrass and aromatic sage with supporting notes of bergamot, geranium and amber will do just that. A mystifying scent.
Contains beeswax, jojoba, vitamin E oil and fragrance.
Approx. 1.0 oz.
Screw-top container.

After the gates close and all is quiet on the midway, Madame S. retires to her wagon and spends her evenings sewing, crafting and making soap for the rest of the performers.Her soap and perfume are crafted from highest quality ingredients, always tested personally by her and the rest of the troupe.

And our giveaway looks heavenly. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but every time I drive up to Starbucks to get my cocoa I admit I take a big whiff. LOVE the smell. So this is perfect for those of us trying to embrace our inner geek!

To enter to win the Geek Scrub– leave your name and email address below:

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Contest ends on March 26th, 2010 and is open internationally. Please email us of you cannot comment below.


Infinitales Red Riding Hood Giveaway

31 Jan, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, giveaway, rings 73 comments

Today’s giveaway is brought to us by Etsy seller Infinitales

I’m Alessandra Fusi, hopeless dreamer and freelance illustrator.

I live near Rome with my thousand pencils and my six cats.
♣ Alessandra ♣

♣ Blog:

♣ On-line portfolio:

♣ Twitter:

✉ E-mail: alessandrafusi

First prize:
Ring – Little Red Riding Hood:

Here is a vintage romantic ring with a print of my painting “Little Red Riding Hood” (see pictures).

The subject is printed on high quality artistic photo paper, set in an antique bronze filigree cameo setting and protected with crystal resin.

The whole size of the ring decoration is 30x23mm.
The ring base is adjustable, so it will perfectly fit on your finger

Every ring comes in its own lovely jewellery box (assorted colours)♥

Second prize:
Little Brown Sleeping Wolf – Deluxe laminated bookmark:

This bookmark is off-set printed on fine art watercolour paper, so the colours are strong and vivid and they will not fade.
Each bookmark is laminated to make it glossy and water(or coffee, or tea!)resistant.

It features a small eyelet, a red ribbon and a cute bead to fix it in place that will delightfully play peek-a-boo from the top of your favourite book ♥

Back of bookmark is hand signed by me and feautures a lovely texture.

Size is approximatively 5,7 x 17,8 cm (7 x 2 1/4″) (without ribbon), with round corners.

A first and second prize winner will be chosen on February 21st, 2010

To enter: Leave us your name and email address +1
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Sprite Saturday Photo Giveaway

30 Jan, 2010 by in free stuff, photos, sprites 5 comments

K Pauli, another photographer on Flickr has graciously donated a photo of your choice for our February giveaways!

You can choose your favorite photo and she will mail you out a print from her


Beth (nautilus shell studios) says:
“I look forward to seeing Kirsten’s new posts…she constantly pushes herself to try new things and follow new ideas. It has been so fun to watch her photography blossom! She has also been generous in sharing some beautiful vintage frames with her Flickr friends. Keep up the good work, Kirsten…you are an inspiration!”

View Kirsten’s website online at:

To enter to Win a Print up to 8×10 of your choice:

Simply leave your name and email address in the comments below

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Contest Ends Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2010.

One winner will receive a hand finished print of their choice!

Too Cool For Tuesday Giveaway

26 Jan, 2010 by in free stuff, giveaway, toys 54 comments

Normally I do a Freebie Friday, but the little girl inside of me just couldn’t wait! I was our looking for nesting Russian matryoshka dolls when I found these cuter than cute plastic ones! A fortune cookie that opens with a fortune inside for Cyn Balog’s “Fairy Tale”, a tiny fairy and glitter pixie dust for all of my fave fairy books, and a real nesting doll for “Dreaming Anastasia.” I am giving them all to the winner with your choice of charm necklace or bracelet to hang them on and some real fortune cookies to munch on.

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Contest ends February 4th and is open Internationally Good Luck!!!

Freebie Friday- Handmade Journals

22 Jan, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, giveaway, scrapbooking, YA fiction 26 comments

YAY it is Friday…could NOT be happier! For our freebie we are giving away one handmade journal of your choice. To enter simply leave your emial address in the comments below. And watch for more new designs being added later today. Contest is open to International participants and will end February 5, 2010.

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Freebie Friday Sweet Treats

15 Jan, 2010 by in free stuff, giveaway 56 comments

Freebie Friday for today is a part of the new Sara Zarr Sweethearts Inspired Collection! Jennifer Harris loved treats and so do we!
1st Place Wins a necklace from the scrappy or sweethearts collections and a fruit charm bracelet
2nd place Wins a pair of cupcake earrings and one 8×10 of their choice from the Etsy shop
3rd place wins a pair of cupcake earrings and one of our CDs

To enter:

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Winners will be drawn randomly and must contact us within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected. Contest ends January 20th and is open to international entries.