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Vintage Sewing Machine Scrabble Tile

19 Jun, 2010 by in etsy, necklace, spiffy cool, the eternal ones 11 comments

Todays’ ETSY shop giveaway is another seamstress inspired necklace for Haven of “The Eternal Ones” donated by shop owner Spiffy Cool…”Hey there – I thought I would devote a spot on etsy to gather my random cool things. You know, those things you really like, but they kinda don’t fit into the “elegance” of general etsy stuff.

I thoroughly enjoy sarcasm, wit, intelligence, learning, science, and poking fun at all of the above. Hey, if we can’t smile and laugh at the world and ourselves, well, I shudder to think what that would be like.

I also like wearing your heart on your sleeve – what you believe in, what you stand for, what is dear to your heart – I started making pinback buttons for just such occasion. Honestly, you’d be surprised who will randomly start a conversation with you based on a pin or piece of jewelry with a statement. Birds of a feather do tend to flock together. Or was that misery loves company? Suppose that would depend on the statement, eh? :o)

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Contest ends July 19, 2010 and is open internationally


A LIttle Bit of Business

13 Jun, 2010 by in etsy Leave a comment

Congrats to @joaneej1982 who won the Keep Calm and Carry on necklace from Hoolala

@parajunkee who won our Etsy Shop Giveaway

and to Zannid and Confrosh who won the Tigerpixie Fantasy Art giveaway

Please email me your street address with the name of the contest in the tag line, (so it isn’t marked as spam) and we will send you out your prize. If we don’t hear from you within 48 hours a new winner will be re-drawn. Unfortunately, some of our ETSY sellers are reporting rude comments from winners and malicious tweeting. If there is a problem with your prize, or you don’t receive it, please contact us so we can correct the problem. You are getting a gift free from people who have contributed their time and talent so let’s all be mature about it. Those who made donations to Chile relief efforts, thank you! Last week I was able to send two more boxes which brings total boxes sent to relief victims to 42.

As giveaway prizes are shipping from all over the world, so please contact us when you receive your package. I have seen some STRANGE things happen with the mail! Speaking of which, I have sad news that our “Shadow Hills” ARC is missing in action…my personal book which I sent out was either lost or stolen en route, so we have to suspend the tour. I am so sad. The good news is that plenty of other books are still out there on tour being read and reviewed. Take good care of them which includes wrapping them in tissue or bubble wrap before shipping and delivery confirmation 🙂 Thanks to all of our blog readers and followers. ENJOY!

Yellow Vespa Photo Print

09 Jun, 2010 by in etsy, vespa, yellow 7 comments

Today’s giveaway goes along with the passion for photography in the book “The Tension of Opposites.” Browsing photographers on ETSY I came across this fun colorful shop named Snapco…”i like taking pictures. i enjoy the simple beauty of ordinary objects, and capturing an interesting perspective of things that are “lost in plain sight.”

Yellow Vespa photo size: 5 1/4 x 5 1/8″ with polaroidy film border, 4 5/8 x 4 3/8″ without.

details: this original photograph is printed on professional, archival photographic paper with a matte finish. it will be sent in a cellophane sleeve and rigid mailer, for safe travels.

To Enter To Win: a photo print
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Good Luck!! Contest ends July 9, 2010 and is open internationally

Spicy Siren Perfume Giveaway

05 Jun, 2010 by in etsy, spicy siren 27 comments

To sop off our SIREN giveaway week we have the smell that will entice thanks to Etsy Seller LemonLollipop! Spicy Siren Perfume!…Welcome to my Lemon Lollipop Shop!

Here you will find several of my handmade brands such as:
Four Seasons Fragrance
Seattle Scents

I make scented goodies for home, body & bath!

Please join my mailing list at my website at Lemon Lollipop!

FREE perfume vial & gourmet lemon lollipop with every purchase!

Visit my other shops:
(lots of NEW fragrances for 2010!) (now 20 scents available in No-Ick Heel Sticks™!) (launched Dec 2009)

FREE gourmet lemon lollipop with every purchase!

I blog here:
Join my mailing list at!

To Enter to Win a roll-on Spicy Siren:
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Good Luck!! Contest ends July 5, 2010 and is open internationally

Contest Winners

31 May, 2010 by in etsy Leave a comment

Congrats to Sara at YA Vampire Books for winning the handmade scarf by Chilean Boutique de Josefina

and Emily at Emilysreadingroom for winning the Mette Ivie Harrison bookmark pack

Please send me your snail mail address and I will mail out your prizes. If you have won a prize in the past and not received it please contact me ASAP. We have Etsy sellers shipping from all over the world and want to make sure it gets to you 🙂 Thanks for entering and supporting our blog!

Wolf Card Pack Giveaway

27 May, 2010 by in etsy, odessa kelley, raised by wolves 7 comments

Our Etsy shop giveaway goes hand in hand with the book “Raised by Wolves” and was donated by OdessaKelley. Here’s her bio…”I have had a lifelong fascination with wildlife and art. As a child I spent many hours at the local library immersed in books about the Master Painters of the Renaissance. When I wasn’t at the library, I was outdoors playing with insects and wildlife, building cities for my Matchbox cars and riding my bike. (Yes, I was a tomboy . . . and still am!)

In my formative years I studied art under a private tutor who taught me the drawing basics. During my twenties I began to experiment with acrylic and oil mediums. However, I clung to my pencils and charcoal until I sold my first painting. That gave me the confidence to branch out and try other mediums like watercolor, gauche and pastel. In the end I settled on acrylic and oil, although I love pastel!

As an adult, I traveled the U.S. to experience the variety of cultures and landscapes that make up our beautiful country. While living in Arizona, I was introduced to the art of the Southwest. I fell in love with the vivid colors and realistic style the artists use to tell the story of the American Southwest. The Southwestern style has been a major influence on my work.

I am an avid gardener and with the help of my husband have created a haven for wildlife in our yard near the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida. My concern for wildlife habitat loss and the devastating effects of urban sprawl has led me to study, paint and deeply appreciate the indigenous wildlife of North America.

I also donate to local wildlife and animal charities on a regular basis. If you purchase a painting let me know if you have a favorite wildlife or animal charity and I will donate 10% of the purchase to that charity. My husband and I serve as a foster family for unwanted pets from time to time. We share out home with 2 cats and one sweet puppy!

Chama in Springtime Note Cards

These note cards make great gifts or use them to send messages to your friends and loved ones. They are also the perfect size (5”x7”) to frame! They fit neatly in any standard 5”x7” picture frame.

Odessa Kelley created these Fine Art Note Cards from one of her original acrylic painting. The inside of the card is blank. On the back of the card is a short paragraph about the artist, Odessa Kelley, her web address and the title and copyright information of the image. This box of 8 note cards is packaged in a clear box with an informational sticker on the outside back.

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Jane Austen Sparkly Pendant

26 May, 2010 by in etsy 26 comments

Ink and Paint fabulous Sparkling Jewelry has offered up today’s ETSY giveaway…”Hi there! I’m a college student working on degrees in English literature and history. I’m also a freelance artist and model.

I believe that fashion is fantasy, and that what you put on in the morning should both make you happy and show other people a bit about who you are.

My shop is named for the Ink and Paint Department (also known as the “Rainbow Room”) at the Walt Disney Studios, where artists painstakingly mixed and colour-matched their own paint for use on celluloid sheets to create feature films and short cartoons.

To Enter To Win a Jane Austen sparkling pendant:

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Contest ends June 26, 2010 and is open internationally

The Nebulous Kingdom Art Giveaway

25 May, 2010 by in etsy, the nebulous kingdom 28 comments

Today’s Etsy shop giveaway is from France and the magical fantasy art of The Nebulous Kingdom…”Anne-Julie is a distant dreamer, a sleepwalker on the lookout, a traveler from the shadows who loves labyrinths and unanswered enigmas, fairy tales and girls with white socks (Alice and her direct descendant, Ofelia from ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’). At night, her heroines are lost in a nebulous kingdom of dragonflies and flakes..”

-Danielle Chou


“French artist Anne-Julie Aubry works in both the traditional and digital paint mediums to create deceptively innocent works of art that are visually arresting and thematically intriguing.”
-Carl V. Anderson

“Papillons Bleus” (Blue Butterflies)

Isn’t she sweet? 🙂

Print measures 4,7″ × 9,5″ on 8,5″ × 11″ paper.
The image is centered on the paper leaving a white border for framing.
It is printed on 100% cotton, high quality archival artist paper, free of acid and optical brightener, neutral Ph.

(Watermark will not appear on your print)

All prints are signed and dated by me, the artist.
Sales of artwork do not transfer copyrights.

With love,

To Enter to Win a Papillons Bleu print:
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Contest ends June 25, 2010 and is open internationally

Scones and Sensibility Jewelry Giveaway

22 May, 2010 by in etsy, scones and sensibility 34 comments

Today’s’ ETSY giveaway goes along with the book “Scones and Sensibility” by Lindsay Eland and is sponsored by shop owner Jeyam5…”I always loved any kind of art! Since I was little I always loved drawings and painting, when I grew up I began working with the computer and in the last 5 years I had a great success with graphic and web design and photo manipulations. 2 years ago I discovered a new passion: sewing! I sew clothes, dresses, corsets, bags and dolls. Last year I started working with my own fingers with the polymer clay.. This passion is still going on…

This is a great mix good enough to be tasted at every hour of the day!
And now you have them in all their cuteness with 0 calories!
Nice huh?

The Starfish (I changed the brand.. But you know what I mean 😉 ..) Strawberry Cream Frappuccino comes with a realistic whipped cream and strawberry syrup on top.

The realistic raspberry scone comes with a realistic texture, raspberry on both sides with syrup and a white icing on top.

Are you hungry? Yes, me too! 😛 They are complete with details and everybody will love them on your ears! Here’s a challenge for you: Try not to eat them! 😀

– The complete earrings are long about 4/5 cm – 1.6/2 in. (from the ear’s hole to the miniature’s bottom).

To Enter To Win
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Contest ends June 22, 2010 and is open internationally

Spirit Horse Herbal Lip Balm

14 May, 2010 by in etsy, spirit horse herbals 24 comments

Today’s Etsy shop giveaway is for a fabluous handmade canister of lip balm from
Spirit Horse Herbal

♥ organic ♥ natural ♥ medicinal herbal products

I’m Kristie Nackord—the herbalicious ‘Herb Girl’ behind Spirit Horse Herbals.

Celebrating 31 years of life on this planet, I am a passionate and wild-hearted woman who loves plants and horses. Originally from Northern California, I moved to Westcliffe, Colorado to LIVE my dream life. That’s right, live it, not just dream it!
Naturally soft and healthy lips.

Healthy lips are important so treat yourself to a healing and nourishing balm that is loaded with natural and organic oils and butters that are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, and calendula flower extract to nourish, condition and soften lips.


..::What makes Spirit Horse Herbals lip balm so AMAZING?::..

My lip balm contains a very potent extract of calendula officinialis. I grow and brew my own extract which takes a minimum of 5 months from seeding to final infusion. This amazing plant ally offers incredible healing and restoration to dry or cracked skin! Organically grown by seed from me all summer long, I harvest the calendula and infuse it in organic oils of almond and olive for a minimum of two months. Blended with exotic mango butter that is rendered from the seed kernel of the Mango tree, among other amazing organic butters, Spirit Horse Herbals lip balm is rich, creamy and nourishing.


“Because of multiple allergies, I have lots of problems with dry lips and skin. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks, and I love it. If I put on at bedtime, my lips are normal by morning. I’m making it part of my regular daily routine, morning and night. Your shop is on my list…”

Ingredients: calendula flower extract, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, olive oil,natural bees wax and peppermint. Includes one, .5 oz canister of lip balm with screw top lid.

To Enter To Win a canister of lip balm:
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