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La Boutique de Josefina

28 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, scarf 21 comments

Today’s ETSY giveaway is for a versatile knitting scarf from Chile native Gabriela Ordenes. Thank you so much for visiting my store, La Boutique de Josefina.

Josefina is my poetic name.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Your visit and comment are a pleasure to me.

Also, you can find me at Ravelry as Gaviota, and in my blog

All knitting pieces and patterns that you can see here, were designed by me, Gabriela Ordenes, and are copyright protected.

To Enter To Win:
leave your name below
+3 for contributing a dollar to Chilean families via PayPal and +3 additional entries for each dollar after that ( if you wish to mail a check please email us)
+3 for visiting her blog and commenting
+2 for heating her shop and our new shop on Etsy
+2 for each tweet @FireIcePhotos on Twitter

Contest ends May 28, 2010 and is open internationally

Giveaway Winners

24 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, giveaway 2 comments

Congratulations to our latest winners!!!

Tell Tale Heart Necklace-Jennifer K/ angelinthehouse who made a donation to Chile

Handmade Make Up Pouches– @FizzMonster @gracewong1 @throuthehaze @invictoria

Ami Romi Animals-Carrie & Phrannie

Sterling Hedgehog Necklace-beautyvibes

Please email me your street address so I can mail you your your prizes. Anything not claimed after 48 hours we will re-draw another winner, ship it directly to families in Chile or offer it again online to those who donate.

If you are a crafter, artist or author and would like to contribute swag for our giveaways we would love to highlight you! As of today we have sent out 38 boxes of aid to Chile and have 7 ready to ship now if we receive shipping donations! Thanks so much for all you do. Please be generous because every little dollar counts 🙂

Tanya’s Irish Art Giveaway

22 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, Tanya Bond 44 comments

Today’s Esty giveaway is from Irish artist, TanyaBond. I love her themes and characters…

Hi everyone and welcome to my Etsy shop:)
I am a self-taught artist. My favourite media is oil pastel – so that’s what most of my paintings are painted with.

I love making ACEOs and other miniatures (being a mother does not leave too much time for painting big pieces;)

Check out my blog where I frequently post my new works.
I also have a shop on ebay (account name – ronandaly), on Artfire and on daWanda (tanyabond username.

Cheers folks!

To enter to win a piece from her shop: leave your name and email address below

+3 go to her shop and pick your favorite item

+3 for each dollar donated to our Chile relief fund

+3 heart her shop at and ours at

+3 visit her blog at and comment

+3 follow us on Twitter @FireIcePhotos, leave your username

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+5 post this to your blog

+2 for each tweet, post the link

Contest ends May 22, 2010 and is open internationally!

Sweet Melly Jane Furry Fingers Giveaway

21 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, puppets 22 comments

Today’s etsy giveaway is from one of our amazing neighbors and friends. She is a super women who can do it all and do it well and she is an avid reader! Every time we go over to her house she has a huge stack of library books! Welcome SweetMellyJane… Hi! I am Melanie (a.k.a. Melly Jane by my hubby of 10 years). I am a stay-at-home mother of four youngsters; two girls, two boys. My mother taught me to sew and I am passionate about crochet. I love learning to make new things. I teach piano and I also enjoy teaching cooking and other home skills classes on a community level. I love hot fudge sundaes and Crunchy Cheetos, but not together.

My personal motto (at least for now):
“In the end, I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life” (by J.W. Baasgard). My family always comes first.

Furry Fingers finger puppets are the softest around! They are made of fleece and my original design. Perfect for imaginative play, and for keeping those little hands busy during travel or other quiet times.

For this listing, you can choose any 10 from the animals, or you can mix and match from my other finger puppet sets. The animals can be made in any color you choose.

To Enter to Win
a set of 10 furry fingers: leave your name and email address below
additional entries
+3 for each dollar donated to our Chile relief fund via PayPal to or via snail mail (email me for the address)
+2 for hearting our Etsy shops and
+3 for following us on Twitter @FireIcePhotos
+5 for adding our contest or one of our buttons to your blog
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Contest ends May 21, 2010 and is open internationally!

Steampunk Book Thong Giveaway

15 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, steampunk 37 comments

Today’s Etsy giveaway is from one of my absolute favorite shops
Happenchance and Odd
“I’m a Mommy. A good day is when I have had enough time to shower and brush my teeth.

I seem like a totally suburban housewife by the light of day. But, after a goodnight song, hug and kiss for my babies I turn into the Steampunk Goddess.

I spend my long insomnia filled nights working on designs, creating, searching Etsy for things I don’t need but must have or I will die.

What is Steampunk? Plain and simple, its old stuff made into something new. There is great beauty in vintage items that can not be found in the mass produced items in chain stores. Why adorn yourself with something hundreds of others have? It seems to me an easier, less painful self expression than a tattoo but with the same effect. Wearing a piece of Steampunk jewelry explains exactly who you are without having to say a word.


~~~~Don’t be another lost soul
It’s never wrong to know
what creates life to be free
it’s just called Individuality~~

Proud Member of the Indie Artists Street Team
My book thongs have been featured in the Storque

My art has also been featured in break out new fashion magazine Cry Havoc.

To Enter To Win
a steampunk book thong: Leave your name and email address below
additional entries
+3 for hearting her shop on Etsy
+2 for telling us your favorite steampunk themed book
+3 for following @FireIcePhotos on twitter
+2 for every retweet, leave the link
+5 for adding this contest or our button to your blog
+10 for contributing to our Chile relief efforts via PayPla, or by sending cash, check or items (email us for details)
Contest ends May 14, 2010 and is open internationally

Hope Whispers Art Print Giveaway

14 Apr, 2010 by in etsy 23 comments

Our etsy giveaway today is from Dudadaze: Mom of three boys who enjoys creating charming little pieces of art. Not even sure that I’m self-taught yet. I’d say I’m still self-teaching. Take a look around and judge for yourself. Are your walls feeling empty after taking down all of those beautiful decorations?
All items in my prints section only $10 regardless of image size.
Time to stock up!!!

~I am thrilled to have an article and artwork in the spring 2009 issue of Artful Blogging!

~My second rubber stamp release with Sugar Nellie is now available at Funky Kits.
details here:

~Teamed up with Cat over at Polarity to put some images on her wonderful lockets!
Find them here:

I am so lucky to be able to do what makes me happy. MANY thanks
to all of my customers for making that possible

She is offering a Print of her original folk art childrens painting – Hope Whispers

To enter to win: leave your name and email address below

additional entries
+3 for each dollar donated to Chile earthquake families via PayPal
+3 visit her etsy shop and heart it
+3 tweet this contest, leave the link
+5 add our button or contest to your blog
+3 visit her photostream on at dudadaze3
+3 comment on her blog
+3 become a fan of Dudadaze and Fire and Ice on Facebook (links on rt sidebars)
Contest ends May 13, 2010 and is open internationally

Handmade Cowl by Chilean Memegalarce

09 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, memegalarce, wool 16 comments

Today’s Chile relief giveaway is from native seller Memegalarce

Hello! Welcome to my little Etsy shop.
I am an artisan in construction; I live in Chile … the end of the world … The name of my hometown is La Ligua, from Quechua name that comes Lihua, which means wool which is woven to the house … the main economic activity in my city is the woolen fabric and the bakery elements that inspire part of my textile work … so I decided to name my knits with names of the rural towns near my hometown. I hope you enjoy the textures and the warmth of my work …
I hope you enjoy the visit and be interested in leading a part of me with you.
All the accessories you will find in this space are handmade and are part of my process of personal exploration through materials such as felt and wool.

I am a proud member of Etsy Latino Team

Hola! Bienvenidos a mi pequeña tienda de Etsy.
Soy una artesana en construcción que vive en Chile… al final del mundo…
Todos los accesorios que encontrarán en este espacio son hechos a mano y son parte de mi proceso de exploración personal a través de materiales como fieltro y lana.
Espero que disfruten la visita y se interesen por llevar una parte de mi con ustedes.

Soy una orgullosa integrante de Etsy Latino Team

Hand knitted cowl, made with natural Merino wool. Extra warm for coldest days of winter.

This cowl fastened with a of button made of Guayacan wood of center of Chile.

To enter to Win a handmade cowl, perfecrt for tracleing ot the end of the world and back: +1 Leave a comment below
additional entries +3 for each dollar contributed to our Chile relief fund via Paypal to or if you prefer to send supplies, please email me at

Here is Memgalarce’s message about Chile…
“I appreciate the invitation and interest in helping my country…the situation is still critical and I can see will not improve now that winter comes to the affected areas. I was traveling this week by the Maule region and the only thing that describes what I saw is: devastation and poverty.
I wonder which organization will channel the resources raised, as some agencies have centralized resources and areas remain unaddressed. I ask because I work in Fondo Alquimia ( the only fund for women in Chile and we are also developing a fundraising campaign to come to the aid of women and their communities … because we know that is through them to rebuild solidarity networks more effectively. The people there need underwear, shoes, bed clothes, some drugs, water…building supplies”

+3 Visit her etsy shop and heart it
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Contest ends May 9, 2010 and is international, Good Luck!

Crocus Spring Pendant

08 Apr, 2010 by in etsy 39 comments

Today’s Etsy spotlight is from seller Crocus…Hello my sweet little bunnies!

The main thing I want to achieve – is to bring the very lovely Spring atmosphere to your hearts and let it stay there not only for 3 standard month, but for all year as well.
Let the fresh and sunny mood lead you through all the difficulties in you life, and so the result will be always positive and wonderful!

As always my credo will be:
No matter what you are doing, when you do it with love!
just Love and enjoy my blossoming spring all over the year!
See my other 2 lovely shops with different style:

She is giving away this handmade brooch. This is a brooch with a bird, which can be a symbol of hope. Like a bird, which arrived to Noah, after the World Flood (from the Bible).

To Enter to Win: Leave your name below

additional entries
+3 for each dollar donated to our Chile relief fund via PayPal to
+3 for following us on Twitter @FireIcePhotos and them at
+3 for visiting their blog and commenting :
+3 for visiting their youtube channel or ours and commenting youtube:
+3 for adding us as fans on Facebook: Fire and Ice and Anna Kolesnikova!/profile.php?id=673883467
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Contest ends May 8, 2010 and is open internationally!

FizzMonster Pink Lollipop Necklace

06 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, plush 24 comments

Today’s sweet giveaway is from Etsy shop Fizz Monster =)
We’re a couple from England and we’ve been selling for just over 5 months now, but we’ve been making for a very very long time!
We adore everything handmade and want to expand our stock as much as possible.

We’ll be selling handmade jewellery and cute plushes. We believe our stuff is fun, colourful and playful and we hope you love it as much as we do =D

To Enter To win: leave your name and favorite sweet treat below
additional entries
+3 for each dollar donated to the Chile earthquake relief fund at
via PayPal
+2 Visit their website and comment: on your favorite item
+2 Become their friend on Myspace:
+2 check our page at Eternal Conflict Music and pick your favorite song
+3 Become a fan of FizzMonster on Facebook:!/pages/Fizz-Monster/167171316865?ref=ts and Fire and Ice
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Contest ends May 6, 2010
and is open Internationally Good Luck!