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Contest Winners

05 Jul, 2010 by in contest winners, sandra vargas 2 comments

Congrats to Mevurah, Entre_libros, Megabygc, WinterBabe98, SoulFulKeisha, Jade Teo, DeeaNeagu, and Candace Henderson Hilton who all won Twilight Inspired CD featuring Daniel Jackson and Heather Zahn Gardner of Fire and Ice!

Dayda won our Mermaid Postcard pack from Sandra Vargas

and LostinBelieving won the Spicy SIREN roll on perfume

Email me your mailing address so I can send out your prizes!

Spicy Siren Perfume Giveaway

05 Jun, 2010 by in etsy, spicy siren 27 comments

To sop off our SIREN giveaway week we have the smell that will entice thanks to Etsy Seller LemonLollipop! Spicy Siren Perfume!…Welcome to my Lemon Lollipop Shop!

Here you will find several of my handmade brands such as:
Four Seasons Fragrance
Seattle Scents

I make scented goodies for home, body & bath!

Please join my mailing list at my website at Lemon Lollipop!

FREE perfume vial & gourmet lemon lollipop with every purchase!

Visit my other shops:
(lots of NEW fragrances for 2010!) (now 20 scents available in No-Ick Heel Sticks™!) (launched Dec 2009)

FREE gourmet lemon lollipop with every purchase!

I blog here:
Join my mailing list at!

To Enter to Win a roll-on Spicy Siren:
leave your name and email address below
+1 for visiting and hearting one of her etsy shops
+1 for joining her mailing list
+1 for visiting her blog
+1 for tweeting @FireIcePhotos
+5 for blogging or facebooking this contest
+2 for becoming a fan on Fire and Ice on Facebook
+10 for each dollar donated to our Chile relief fund (see right sidebar)
Good Luck!! Contest ends July 5, 2010 and is open internationally

Yellow Rose Perfume CHILE Relief Giveaway

10 Mar, 2010 by in etsy 24 comments

Today’s giveaway is from etsy seller and Chile native, L’aromatica! Her hometown, Talca was destroyed by the earthquake and she want to give back to her country…

Loreto is an artisan perfumer and graphic designer. She lives with her husband and teenage son in a sunny flat on Haight Street in San Francisco.

Loreto creates all of L’aromatica’s fragrances from scratch using pure essential oils mixed with a little fragrance oil when necessary, for scents that nature can’t produce. L’aromatica also carries All-Natural perfumes that are made using only 100% pure essential oils diluted in jojoba oil, for those who are sensitive or opposed to the use of synthetics. Even for straightforward, single-floral scents like Honeysuckle, Gardenia or Jasmine, Loreto creates her own blend, based on her perception of the true flower fragrance.

Loreto doesn’t just pour fragrance oils and bottle them as her own. Every perfume she offers is a handmade, original creation. A lot of love is put into every scent, plus hours of attention and patience.

Natural perfumes are much more subtle than mass-produced, “name brand” perfumes but develop amazing qualities, once on the skin. Once applied, a natural perfume will combine with your body chemistry to create a scent unique to you. Natural perfumes contain no harsh chemicals, additives, fillers or fixatives. L’aromatica uses only the best quality essential oils (most are organic) and fragrance oils that do not contain phthalates (whenever possible.)

To Enter To Win a yellow rose roll on perfume: leave your name and email address below
Additional entries
+2 go to Etsy and heart her shop
+3 for each dollar contributed to the Chile relief earthquake fund, click on the yellow donate button right sidebar
+1 tweet this contest@FireIcePhotos and leave the link
+3 If you are from Chile
+5 post it on your blog or facebook– leave the link
+5 add our button to your blog
+3 follow us on twitter @FireIcePhotos
+3 become a fan of Loreto and Fire and Ice on Facebook
+2 go to her blog and leave a comment
Add your entries up and leave the total in your comment

Contest ends on April 10, 2010 and is open internationally. Please email us of you cannot comment below. Thanks and Good Luck!