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Congrats to @joaneej1982 who won the Keep Calm and Carry on necklace from Hoolala http://fireandicereads.com/2010/05/keep-calm-and-carry-on-necklace.html

@parajunkee who won our Etsy Shop Giveaway http://fireandicereads.com/2010/05/new-etsy-shop.html

and to Zannid and Confrosh who won the Tigerpixie Fantasy Art giveaway http://fireandicereads.com/2010/05/tigerpixie-fantasy-cat-art-giveaway.html.

Please email me your street address with the name of the contest in the tag line, (so it isn’t marked as spam) and we will send you out your prize. If we don’t hear from you within 48 hours a new winner will be re-drawn. Unfortunately, some of our ETSY sellers are reporting rude comments from winners and malicious tweeting. If there is a problem with your prize, or you don’t receive it, please contact us so we can correct the problem. You are getting a gift free from people who have contributed their time and talent so let’s all be mature about it. Those who made donations to Chile relief efforts, thank you! Last week I was able to send two more boxes which brings total boxes sent to relief victims to 42.

As giveaway prizes are shipping from all over the world, so please contact us when you receive your package. I have seen some STRANGE things happen with the mail! Speaking of which, I have sad news that our “Shadow Hills” ARC is missing in action…my personal book which I sent out was either lost or stolen en route, so we have to suspend the tour. I am so sad. The good news is that plenty of other books are still out there on tour being read and reviewed. Take good care of them which includes wrapping them in tissue or bubble wrap before shipping and delivery confirmation 🙂 Thanks to all of our blog readers and followers. ENJOY!

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