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Steampunk Book Thong Giveaway

15 Apr, 2010 by in etsy, steampunk 37 comments

Today’s Etsy giveaway is from one of my absolute favorite shops
Happenchance and Odd
“I’m a Mommy. A good day is when I have had enough time to shower and brush my teeth.

I seem like a totally suburban housewife by the light of day. But, after a goodnight song, hug and kiss for my babies I turn into the Steampunk Goddess.

I spend my long insomnia filled nights working on designs, creating, searching Etsy for things I don’t need but must have or I will die.

What is Steampunk? Plain and simple, its old stuff made into something new. There is great beauty in vintage items that can not be found in the mass produced items in chain stores. Why adorn yourself with something hundreds of others have? It seems to me an easier, less painful self expression than a tattoo but with the same effect. Wearing a piece of Steampunk jewelry explains exactly who you are without having to say a word.


~~~~Don’t be another lost soul
It’s never wrong to know
what creates life to be free
it’s just called Individuality~~

Proud Member of the Indie Artists Street Team
My book thongs have been featured in the Storque

My art has also been featured in break out new fashion magazine Cry Havoc.

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