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Fellow Fans and Friends

30 Sep, 2009 by in Heather Gardner Photography, the Black Pumpkin, the Twilighters, twi tour jersey, twicon dallas 1 comment

It’s been fun for us to look through our fellow Twilighty friends’ websites and see our photos. Here are the latest posts featuring members of Fire and Ice.

One of our other very favorite music groups is the Twilighters, featuring Erin Pyne and Fred Mergenthaler. We met them at Twi Tour in New Jersey and then shared lunch and a cab to the airport. What an awesome duo. They opened their Facebook page this week and Mike is featured in a photo I took and sent them. Become a fan and pass it on!

Britten is an administrator at Twilight MOMS, an artist for the Black Pumpkin and one of our very first fans. Not to mention she is just fabulous and fun! Check out her blog and shops online!

Fan Photos

18 Sep, 2009 by in New Jersey TwiTour, twicon dallas 1 comment

Fire and Ice send special thanks out to all fans who have posted photos on our Facebook and e-mailed them in. This is for you Amanda, Zerelada, Micha, Suky, Coral, Nicole and Bri! Keep them coming everyone and we will add them in to our slide show!!! Congratulations to Breezi Bri our fan of the week. She tweets us up a storm and keeps us laughing. We love you Bri!

The Photos Are In!

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Thank you so much to those who visited our booth and took pictures. They are finished and ready to be downloaded. Please contact Heather Gardner if you need the link. We had so much fun posing all of you and hope you will spread the word about us to your Twilighty friends and businesses. Send us your fan pics or post them on Twitter. Lots of love to all of you!

Introducing Michael Martinez as Fakob Black

21 Aug, 2009 by in twilight 2 comments

Mike and Britten, Lisa Hansen- TwilightMOMS
My name is Mike.
I’m 5’6″. Graduated from Edinburg High School in 2006. From Edinburg,TX.

You can add me on facebook and and follow me on twitter @FakobBlack. I’m Cherokee-Spanish. Outside Twilight i work for Concord Hospitality Inc, Missy’s Modeling Studio and the seasonal Estee Lauder.

I enjoy swimming, tennis, weight training and photojournalism. I enjoy watching Family Guy, Smallville, and True Blood. I know french, spanish.

My favorite scene is the post wedding scene with Jacob and Bella. and my favorite book is Eclipse. I hope to be one of the werewolves in Breaking Dawn. I read Twilight for the first time this year after the movie came out and finished the series in a week! I had nights where i was up til 7am just to feed my excitement. And this all started because my friend Abigail told me I look like the guy from Twilight. I do my best to keep up with Taylor’s wardrobe. I want to meet the guy so I can give Twilight fans a better experience of Taylor.