Introducing Michael Martinez as Fakob Black

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Mike and Britten, Lisa Hansen- TwilightMOMS
My name is Mike.
I’m 5’6″. Graduated from Edinburg High School in 2006. From Edinburg,TX.

You can add me on facebook and and follow me on twitter @FakobBlack. I’m Cherokee-Spanish. Outside Twilight i work for Concord Hospitality Inc, Missy’s Modeling Studio and the seasonal Estee Lauder.

I enjoy swimming, tennis, weight training and photojournalism. I enjoy watching Family Guy, Smallville, and True Blood. I know french, spanish.

My favorite scene is the post wedding scene with Jacob and Bella. and my favorite book is Eclipse. I hope to be one of the werewolves in Breaking Dawn. I read Twilight for the first time this year after the movie came out and finished the series in a week! I had nights where i was up til 7am just to feed my excitement. And this all started because my friend Abigail told me I look like the guy from Twilight. I do my best to keep up with Taylor’s wardrobe. I want to meet the guy so I can give Twilight fans a better experience of Taylor.

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  1. Lynn

    Hey! Fakobblack – very clever! It was great to see you at the Twilight Convention this weekend. Best to you!


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