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Free Ebooks- Fabulous Finds From Fire and Ice

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Enjoy today’s Fabulous Finds From Fire and Ice…
by Rachael Renee Anderson

Unknowingly cast as the bachelorette for her town’s charity event, Taycee Emerson wants out. Especially when she discovers her old teenage crush, Luke Carney, is one of the bachelors and it’s up to the viewers–not her–to decide which bachelors stay or go. 

Coerced into participating, Taycee does what any self-preserving girl would do. She launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show. Unfortunately, Luke’s an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, and when he discovers what she’s up to, it means revenge.  

by Shannon Guymon
Layla Kendall is the oldest of three sisters. She’s a burned out social worker one step away from a major depression and she needs a fresh start. When she and her sisters Kit and Jane inherit their grandmother’s bakery, she doesn’t know if she can trust her good fortune or not. Life has taught her that happiness is just an illusion. But the chance to be with her sisters and get away from the heart ache and pain she’s faced day in and day out is a chance she’s going to take. The fact that they don’t know anything about running a bakery won’t stop them. With Layla’s new life, come new connections and friendships including Michael Bender, a single dad and someone who wouldn’t mind getting to know Layla better. She doesn’t trust men and she doesn’t want to change her mind but Michael’s little girl Stella grabs her by the heart and won’t let go. When Layla and her sisters realize that there are people who want to see them fail, it will take a lot of heart and courage to keep going. Layla will have to let go of the past in order to grab onto the future if she’ll ever find the love she needs.
by Marie Higgins
Lord Trey Worthington isn’t about to give his heart to a woman. He does not want a marriage like his parents. But when his mother brings in a childhood acquaintance into the home to sponsor into society, Trey has to get Miss Faraday trained properly. The more he gets to know Judith, the more he yearns for something he doesn’t dare reach for. Judith is after a faithful husband—something Trey has been convinced most of his life he’ll never become. Judith Faraday is only after one thing—to marry her Naval Officer and enjoy a life full of love. She’s doubtful her dream will ever come true while living as the ward to the dowager duchess. However, the longer Judith is with the dowager’s son, Trey, an attraction blossoms. Judith now wonders if God has different plans for her life, because Trey doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage . . . the very thing Judith cannot do without. 

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Fabulous Finds at Fire and Ice- Ebooks Under 2.99

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Enjoy these Fabulous Finds from Fire and Ice while you are traveling for the Fourth!
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Fabulous Finds at Fire and Ice- Ebook Deals for 1.99 and 2.99

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I’ve decided to start a new meme called Fabulous Finds at Fire and Ice. My last weekly meme “Feed Your Reader Friday” is being used on other blogs and sites, so I’m starting with a fresh new name and custom price badges I designed. (please do not steal the name or graphics… thanx) 
Any time I run across e books I would want I’ll pass them on to you 🙂  
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As an Amazon affiliate I get a small percentage of profit from each sale which goes into shipping costs for giveaways and directly to blog expenses.

YA Ebook Review- Someone Else’s Fairytale by E. M. Tippetts

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Someone Else’s Fairytale
by E. M. Tippetts
Ebook, 310 pages
Published January 28th, 2012
by CreateSpace Independent
Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1467940151
Book Source: Amazon
Rating: 4.5 stars
Book Summary From Jason Vanderholt is Hollywood’s hottest actor. Chloe Winters hasn’t bothered to see most of his movies. When they meet by chance, he is smitten and Chloe becomes the woman every other woman in America is dying to be, but it just isn’t her fairytale.
Danielle’s Review: In this every-young-girl’s fantasy, Chloe Winters inadvertently bumps into famous movie star, Jason Vanderholt, only she doesn’t know it and she doesn’t care. Chloe has her own problems. She’s trying to get into graduate school, make a living at a coffee shop and not ignore her shallow mother who hasn’t grownup herself. Someone Else’s Fairytale is a fun story with a large cast of dynamic characters. Chloe, herself, is an honest and straightforward heroine. This is a nice change from the wounded sarcastic damsel in distress that has to be both strong and witty at the same time. Chloe is no damsel. She is scarred from a horrible past, but doesn’t make excuses for it. Except when it comes to letting herself love. Her friends are fallible and her pathetic mother is likeable in her own way. Because Chloe loves them all, I did, too. Her lack of self-righteous judgment is an admirable trait that she carries through to the final pages. It took me awhile to get into this book.
It is romantic, but expected. Once the plot starts moving though, it draws you back in curiosity and hope to see some of Chloe’s life come together as her secrets unravel.
This is a clean romance, one that is easy to appreciate as Chloe holds on to her virtue in the face of tough choices and temptations. She maintains her standards while at the same time not holding anyone else up to her decisions. A few times, I did find myself frustrated at her ignorance to her doting movie star’s attraction, so I was glad when she finally accepted someone had feelings for her. Someone Else’s Fairytale is a cute read. It’s genuine and believable despite its fairytale premise, and that’s why it works. The story sends a positive message without choking readers on squeaky clean images. It is well written and enjoyable. I can recommend this book happily to Young Adult readers of all ages (though it does contain some mature themes), as I look forward to buying more of Ms. Tippett’s books.
Danielle Thorne

About the Author ( Emily Mah Tippetts writes romance as E.M. Tippetts. She is a former attorney with degrees in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University and business law from UCLA. Originally from New Mexico, she now lives in London with her family. She is a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and thus often includes LDS (Mormon) characters in her work. When she isn’t chasing her small children or writing, she designs jewelry.

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Free Ebook Review- Speed Dating With the Dead

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Speed Dating with the Dead
by Scott Nicholson
Ebook, 349 pages
Published June 25th, 2010
by Haunted Computer Books
Book Source: Amazon
Rating: 4 stars
From When Digger Wilson brings his paranormal team Spirit Seekers International to the White Horse Inn, he is skeptical that his dead wife will keep her half of the bargain. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, and just before she died, she promised to meet him there. But when one of the conference guests channels a mysterious presence and an Ouija board spells out a pet phrase known only to Digger and his wife, his convictions are challenged. And when guests start to disappear, Digger and his daughter Kendra must face the circle of demons that view the hotel as their personal playground. Because soon the inn will be closing for good, angels can’t be trusted, and demons don’t like to play alone…
Danielle’s Review: I picked up this book off Amazon for Kindle simply because it looked like a good little spooky paranormal, and it was free. What I got was a terrifying horror story that I couldn’t read at night.

If I was rating this book on my own values, taste and experience, I’d have to give it a mere 3 stars, but every book deserves an honest, fair shot about its writing and entertainment. Mr. Nicholson does both. Although for me, the cover and title have nothing to do with this ghost hunter’s nightmare, SPEED DATING is a well plotted journey of terror that threw me back to junior high memories and my first experience with Stephen King’s THE SHINING. Hotel haunts are delicious backdrops, and Nicholson takes every advantage of lonely hallways, dark basements, and a quirky, bizarre cast of characters that leaves you almost happy to see them destroyed.

Kendra Wilson and her father are hosting a paranormal conference at the spooky White Horse Inn in the Carolinas, but unbeknown to Kendra, her recovering alcoholic father has come to reunite with his wife’s spirit at their former honeymoon locale. What nobody knows, is that evil has been brewing beneath the floorboards of the White Horse for years and the conference offers the perfect recipe of souls to bring everything to a paranormal explosion.

At times the cast numbers become almost overwhelming with all of the point of view switching, but again, the tension and heart palpitating suspense keeps the pages turning as Kendra Wilson struggles to come to peace with her broken relationship between her widowed father and herself. Slowly realizing she is surrounded by a murderous evil, she carries the story’s pacing on her shoulders, but her gritty courage and self-respect carry off the novel.

There are genius moments when the writing stops the reader. They have nothing to do with the formula or the genre; and more than once I asked myself why the author chose to delve into the shallows of cookie cutter genre writing when his gift is apparent between the lines.

There is something as gritty as Kendra in his words; something deeper and more thoughtful beneath the in-your-face screams of demons and ghosts. I would venture to predict that more thought provoking, literary prose lies hidden somewhere in his own basement, and when he finds the courage to set it free he will write stories that will stand taller and touch more lives than scary ghost stories we share around the campfires.

Content Warning: Crude, vulgar language and mild sexuality. Not recommended for YA readers.
Danielle Thorne

About the author: With more than 200,000 books sold worldwide, Scott Nicholson is an international bestselling thriller writer. He won the Writers of the Future Award in 1999 and was a Stoker Award finalist in 2003. His Fear series will be published by Amazon’s Thomas & Mercer imprint in December 2011.

He’s also published a number of supernatural, paranormal, and fantasy books and stories, as well as children’s books, comics, and screenplays. His 2006 novel The Home is in development as a feature film. He’s also a founding partner of
Learn more on Goodreads/ his website

Book Review- Suffocate by S.R. Johannes

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by S.R Johannes
E-Book, 30 pages
Publication Date: May 21st 2012
by Coleman & Stott
Book Source: publisher
5 Stars 
Summary from Goodreads:  Suffocate is the first novelette in THE BREATHLESS series. It is a 15,000 word young adult thriller that combines the dystopic and science fiction genres.

For centuries, the world outside the Biome has been unlivable. Today, marks the first time anyone will attempt to leave the suffocating ecosphere. Eria is not worried because her scientist father has successfully tested the new Bio-Suit many times. It’s a celebratory day until something goes horribly wrong. In the midst of tragedy, Eria uncovers a deep conspiracy that affects the very air she breathes.

If those responsible find out what she knows, they won’t stop hunting her until she takes her last breath.

Crystal’s Review: I first fell in love with S.R Johannes writing style after reading her book Untraceable. I was very excited to read her newest piece of work Suffocate. The book was very short, however the author managed to pack a lot of excitement into this short story. She quickly captured my interest with her description of the current condition of the world and the ecosphere where people now live. The main character Eria, she is a unique character and by the end I felt like I had connected with her character, I knew I was going to want to know what happens with her and be excited to read the next novelette. I was so pleasantly surprised by how many twist and turns the author was able to fit into this story. She revealed enough to get the reader interested while leaving enough unkown to make the reader hungry to read the next part of the story. I did guess the reasoning behind the accident fairly quickly after starting the book having read the goodreads description however I did not feel like that took away from the book as I still wanted to see what Eria would do. The twist at the end is a big one that I would have never guessed. I cannot wait to read the next part of the story and I urge you to get a copy of Suffocate from amazon, you can read it within an hour or so and I promise you will not be disappointed!
Content: Some scenes of violence and death.

About the Author: When Shelli was younger, she spent all her time outdoors, hiking, camping and living the Girl Scout Way.

Somewhere along the way, she got away from nature and earned an MBA in Marketing, kicking off an 18-year marketing career in Corporate America.

Eventually, Shelli traded in her expensive suits, high heels, and corporate lingo for a family, flip-flops, and her love of writing. She started her own marketing & communications business where she worked with Spanx, Goody Hair Products, Chick Filet, and the Boys & Girls Club of America.

In addition to juggling nap schedules and client meetings, Shelli focuses on her writing. She is a frequent speaker on marketing and book publicity at SCBWI conferences across the U.S, and runs a popular book marketing blog, Market My Words

In her spare time (yeah right!) and if the kids allow (yeah right!), Shelli obsesses over movies, reads children’s books (over and over), and still dreams of sleeping in on the weekends. But most importantly, she is finally getting back to her roots by running her own Girl Scout Troop in Atlanta, helping girls get back to nature.

She currently lives in Atlanta with her dog (Charley), British-accented husband, and the huge imaginations of their little prince and princess that someday will change the world.

You can purchase Suffocate for only 99 cents at
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