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YA Ebook Deals From HarperTeen- Epic Deals

03 Sep, 2013 by in YA fiction Leave a comment

Epic Reads has four Young Adult lit ebook deals going on right now as part of their Teen Ebook Deals campaign. 
All four titles are just $2.99 each.
Click on the title or cover image below to learn more, to purchase from Amazon.
Get them before they are gone!

Fabulous Finds at Fire and Ice- Ebook Deals for 1.99 and 2.99

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I’ve decided to start a new meme called Fabulous Finds at Fire and Ice. My last weekly meme “Feed Your Reader Friday” is being used on other blogs and sites, so I’m starting with a fresh new name and custom price badges I designed. (please do not steal the name or graphics… thanx) 
Any time I run across e books I would want I’ll pass them on to you 🙂  
Click on the image to purchase. Prices are guaranteed on the day of post. ENJOY!
As an Amazon affiliate I get a small percentage of profit from each sale which goes into shipping costs for giveaways and directly to blog expenses.

Epic Deals From Harper Teen

11 May, 2012 by in Uncategorized Leave a comment

Harper Teen has sent us some awesome news!!! The have once again slashed prices on amazing YA books to offer you EPIC READS, EPIC DEALS: 8 EBOOKS FOR $2.99
YA Gets Real this May with 8 eBooks for $2.99 each! Find all the Epic Deals on Facebook and join the Epic Reads BooksClub on Goodreads below.
Epic Reads Book Club 36 membersEpic Reads Book Club is a discussion of one YA/teen lit title each month, across all genres. Here…

Books we’ve read

Incarnate Incarnate

Start date: April 16, 2012

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