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Deseret Book Blog Tour Stop- Angels by Donald W. Parry

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Fire and Ice is thrilled to be the official blog tour stop for Deseret Book’s tour of

by Donald W. Parry 
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published 2013 
by Deseret Book 
Genre: Non- fiction 
Book Source: Publisher 
5 stars 

Product Description from Deseret Book : Stories are told around the world of persons who have received help or comfort from someone they couldn’t see—an angel or spirit who guided them or in some other way gave them assistance from beyond the veil.

But just who are these angels? Are they even real?

Although angels are a vital part of Latter-day Saint history and doctrine, their roles and purposes are often misunderstood. In this inspiring volume, author Donald W. Parry discusses in a clear and understandable way what we can learn from the scriptures and from modern prophets and apostles about angels and their missions.
Here you will find answers to such questions as the following:

What are angels?
What powers and abilities are angels given?
How do angels communicate with mortals?
What are the assigned missions and roles of angels?
How do angels reveal truth and teach the doctrines of the gospel?
How do angels minister to and comfort mortals?
What is the role of guardian angels in the modern world?

    When just the thought of someone watching out for us can give us hope in challenging times, to realize that angels minister light, love, and power to us, whether we are aware of them or not, gives us unparalleled understanding, comfort, and peace.

    Review: I started reading Angels on the way home from a long road trip and was so enthralled I began to read it aloud to my husband. Never before have I been enlightened by such a collection of brand new truths.  Angels is by far the most interesting non-fiction book I’ve picked up in a very long time. 

    I’ve always believed in angels and have felt the presence of those I love who have gone before and others whom I’ve never met close by during important times of my life. I have felt sustained, lifted, loved mourned with, comforted and encircled. To know more about who these angels are, from whence they come and what powers they possess is incredible.

    Brother Parry has well researched and cited many stories from the scriptures and apostles lives that illustrate how angels are working miracles in our day and time. He teaches the types, ranks, and superhuman traits of angels. He shows us how living divine like mortals can be angels in our every day lives. Parry’s writing is clear, deep and touching. 

    I would buy Angels for myself and as a gift for all I know. And, I really hope an audio version is released soon so I can listen to it again and again to drink in all I learned. It is just absolutely packed with new doctrine.

    Thanks so much to Deseret Book for inviting us to be on the tour!

    About the Author: Donald W. Parry, a professor of the Hebrew Bible at Brigham Young University holds the Abraham O. Smoot Professorship. For nearly twenty years he has served as a member of the prestigious international team of translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is the author or coauthor of more than thirty books and numerous articles on the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He has coauthored with his brother, Jay A. Parry, several books for Latter-day Saints, including Understanding Isaiah, Understanding the Signs of the Times, and most recently, Symbols and Shadows: Unlocking a Deeper Understanding of the Atonement. Brother Parry, who has served in the Church as a bishop, a temple worker, and high councilor, is a popular speaker at BYU Education Week. He and his wife, Camille Parry, are the parents of six children.

    Learn more on Goodreads/ Deseret Book

    Book Review-Griffin Rising

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    by Darby Karchut
    Paperback, 174 pages
    Expected publication: June 28th 2011
    by Twilight Times Books
    4 stars

    “Sometimes, lad, it’s hell being an angel.”

    For centuries, rumors have abounded of a lowly caste of supernatural beings known as the Terrae Angeli. Armed with the power to control Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, these warriors secretly serve as guardians for mortals in danger.

    But for one young angel-in-training, Griffin, life is hell as a cruel master makes his apprenticeship a nightmare. On the verge of failing, a new mentor, Basil, enters his life and changes it forever. It is their father-and-son relationship, sometimes turbulent, often hilarious, always affectionate, that sings through the story like a pure note.

    Masquerading as the average teen next door, Griffin struggles to learn his trade, navigate the ups and downs of modern life among humans (including falling in love with the girl next door), and prepare for the ancient trial-by-combat every apprentice must pass at sixteen or be forced to become mortal.

    Griffin Rising was an enjoyable debut about the use of free agency and overcoming an abusive past. It’s a mixture of action, myth and young romance perfect for middle grade to young adult readers. Angel in training Griffin is 13 years old and stuck with an evil mentor, Nicoplolis who has less than orthodox training methods. Like all Tarrae Angeli, Nicopolis is bound to earth, and has the right to choose; but he uses to use his power in an abusive way and young Tiro, student, Griffin is the recipient.

    Fast forward three years and you are at Chapter one of Griffin Rising. Now age 16, young Fin has a new mentor named Basil who takes the ashes of the past and builds up a stronger angel who can control the elements. The two of them are master and student, father and son. Their relationship is based on respect and trust-a model of functional parenting.

    Griffin has a lot to learn to become a guardian angel saving humans in danger so Basil recommends a journal. Readers get an inside glimpse to three character’s entries which makes Griffin Rising a personal and layered read.

    Just as our young hero is beginning to gain some self confidence, a new family moves in across the street to become a slight distraction. Kate is Griffin’s age, her parents Lewis and Helen professors at the local University specializing in angel lore. Their family is grounded and tight knit. The interactions of both Kate and Griffin with their parents were some of my favorite parts of this book.

    I would recommend Griffin Rising to all readers ages 12 and older as there is some minor violence. It stuck with me for several days after I finished because of the depth the author builds into her relationships and characters. Darby Karchut takes a very original slant on angels based on an ancient manuscript and brings it into the modern day every day life of two teenagers falling in love. Thanks so much to the author for sending us a copy as well as a wrist band which we are giving away to you our readers at Fire and Ice.

    To Enter to win a Griffin Rising wrist band simply fill out this form. And be sure to swing by Darby Karchut’s website to see her

    book trailers and learn more about the Griffin series.

    Introducing Author Laura Kreitzer

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    Laura Kreitzer is a newly published fiction author who hails from western Kentucky. While her full-time 9-5 job includes working in a lab devoted to water dye-tracing investigations at Western Kentucky University, her passion lies in writing.

    Shadow of the Sun is the first book in the Timeless Series of books about a young woman, Gabriella, who is a doctor in charge of paranormal investigations at an influential government lab. A sudden delivery to her lab reveals the possibility that angels actually exist and she must use her skills in both science and discernment to decide if the previously thought of science fiction is a reality.

    The main character is similar to the author in many ways, the least of which is her incredible intelligence. Both Gabriella and Laura are both strong women who let very little stand in their way.

    Becoming a published author is a harrowing, and often disheartening, experience. Laura bravely decided to pursue the path of self-publishing. The editing experience was an exercise in patience as version after version were carefully picked apart for proper grammar, spelling, formatting, and appropriate storyline continuity.

    Although the storyline of Shadow of the Sun poured from her fingertips onto her computer screen, the process itself of bringing the book to life has been one of hard work and dedication and Laura has also decided to use this website not only to promote her book, but also for author support to encourage other writers to publish their work and become authors in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    Please keep in mind that this website is a work in progress, as is everything in life. That being said, the team that supports Laura is always ready and willing to answer any questions that adults or young adults may have regarding her process to becoming published and the intense determination she has shown to make it a reality.

    The first book, Shadow of the Sun, is now available for purchase. Laura is currently writing the second book in the Series, Soul Stalker.

    Here is our interview with her…

    How did you come up with the idea for your series?
    I told my Grandmother that I wanted to write my own book and she said Angels sounded like a good idea. So, I let the idea simmer in my head for a few months until I decided I didn’t want to write the typical angel. Actually, I didn’t want to write about anything that anyone else had ever written about. And . . . tada! Shadow of the Sun.

    Do you feel like you relate to any of your characters?
    I relate to each of my characters for different things. But I probably relate better to the main character the most, mainly because of her anti-social nature. With each character I brought out something in me–whether it be their evil side, their loving side, or their need to protect.

    What did you do in the way of research for the book?
    Absolutely none! I decided that when I wrote it. Some things about Italy geographically I just knew from school (Went to school to study geography). Mainly, I wanted everything to be my own ideas. The angel world in my book was just something that came out of my mind with no help from the outside. I’m probably incorrect in some of my history ways–but at the same time I’m not because it is my own world. Things are different than what they are for us . . . in the “real world.”

    How long did it take to write?
    I started writing in August and finished in December. I edited through the day it was published in February. I am going to talk with my employer about going part-time so I can finish the next novel in less time then that!

    Describe your path to being published.
    I researched for about 5 months on what I wanted to do. Traditional publishing is a great way to go . . . if you can get someone to actually publish your book. Well, I didn’t want someone to tell me that I wasn’t good enough to publish my book. The whole process was one I didn’t think I could handle mentally. So, I saved money and went the self publishing way through iUniverse. I picked out my font, the layout of my book, I had a graphic designer take my idea (with help of some friends 😉 to make the beautiful cover. I literally did all the things a publisher would do. You have to be dedicated to go self publishing, that is for sure. And here I am today! My book is sold in over 30 countries, through B&,, and Books-a-Million. From what I hear, Borders will also be picking up my book. We’ll see.

    What things inspire your writing?
    My Muse, friend, and Beta Lisa! It sounds silly, but sometimes I can’t even write unless I am talking with her on messenger. She cracks the whip, is a wonderful, dedicated person, and loves my characters. Especially Joseph. Oh, she is going to love book two, then! 😀 Well, she already does. The fact that when I reread some of the things I wrote and go “I actually wrote that?” is another thing that inspires me. Sometimes I don’t realize I can write the beautiful things I do until I reread much later. Sounds cheesy . . . well, I’m just a cheesy person! Also, sometimes I really try to feel what my character is feeling. Hell, through the whole Abelie scene I was crying my eyes out! So I understand how people feel when they email me and tell me that I made them cry. I cried too!

    Do you have a playlist?
    Not really. I listened to music while writing but there wasn’t anything in particular that I had to be listening to. Anything from The Beatles to Shinedown. (Both of those are my favorite bands!)

    Any photos of the places you imagine in your scenes in Italy?
    Well, I just tried to google pictures in Italy to see if I could find something like the picture I have in my head but I was unable to find what I was looking for. Close, but not close enough to use. My mother has been to Italy several times in her lifetime and some of her pictures come to mind when I think of Italy. Of course, in my mind it isn’t these large cities, but small villages thousands of years ago, or a vast, empty field with mountains in the distance for the scene in the book. We’ll see more of Italy in book two!

    What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    Write! Always write, never stop. Doesn’t matter if it is bad or in need of major help . . . WRITE! You can’t aspire to be a writer if you only dream of it. You must act upon it. And never, ever give up.

    Are you working on any future writing projects?
    I am 35% done with Soul Stalker, book two in the Timeless Series. There will be a book three, too, and possibly more. It all depends on where I take the story in book three, I suppose. 🙂 I also have a few ideas brewing for another book or series. Pirates come to mind . . . I guess we’ll have to wait and see where that takes me. 😀

    Check out her amazing site at be sure to check in tomorrow for a review of her book and giveaway!

    Contest Winners

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    Congratulations to Jen Howe of l8bloomeronline, Momtoem and Tammy Weisensel. You all won a pair of soap angel wings.

    And, our winner of the KelseaEcho Alice in Wonderland jewelry is Denise Rafaeli

    Please email me your street address and we will mail out your prizes! IF you didn;t win this time, no worries. There are lots of other contests on our right hand sidebar. And today is SUPER SATURDAY!! We are adding lots of new ones in hopes of raising enough money to mail out the rest of our packages to Chile earthquake victims.

    Angel Wings Handmade Soap Giveaway

    13 Feb, 2010 by in satinandbirch, soap, valentine's 20 comments

    Our giveaway today is from Etsy seller SatinandBirch. I was browsing angel wings the other day and ran accross this soap! WOW! Here’s what she says about it: It’s hard to believe this is soap. My tribute to hoping there are Angels all around us. I will leave it to the imagination.

    I make my own Fragrance, commercially made fragrances can be very hard on sensitive skin. This is a light floral that is fresh and feminine. The top note is Jasmine followed by Lemon the bottom note is Rose.

    I think they look best in white but I will do them in any color you like. I have done these for wedding favors.

    They measure about 3×3. Two of them come with your order Gift Wrapped.

    Each Wing is almost 2 oz each.

    I guess I just wanted to create something unique and pretty.

    It may just be soap you say…but beauty comes in all forms.

    I am 50 something going on 20 something years old and living in Reno Nevada, I used to think I was a beach girl, but I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    I was raised in So Cal and I have the most wonderful son who still is in So Cal. He is the Pride and Joy of my life.
    I have lots of family here in Reno who I consider not only family but my best friends.

    As I continue to browse on Etsy I am overwhelmed by the talent I see. So much beauty in one place.

    I consider my soap more of a gift. A very usable gift.
    The sculptures are really fun and look amazing on a soap dish.

    They always will come gift wrapped and are the perfect way to say Thank You to a Neighbor or Friend, Mom’s for sure.

    You can be sure that my soap is completely free of harmful ingredients. Your Friend- Leslie – Avoir une journée agréable et un beau voyage.

    She is gifting us soaps for Three winners! To enter:
    Tell us who is your favorite angel and why +1
    Leave us your email and name +1
    Visit her etsy shop

    and tell us your favorite item +2
    Heart her etsy shop +2
    Contest ends March 12, 2010

    Angels Among Us

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    I spent my Waiting on Wednesday looking at angel photos on Flickr that reminded me of Patch and Norah, the Mortal Instruments series and Fallen by Lauren Kate. There are some breathtaking photos out there…Enjoy the angel gallery!