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Laura Kreitzer’s Massive Giveaway

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One of our affiliates, author Laura Kreitzer is hosting a major giveaway! See her post here to see how to enter and help spread the word. Her break down of prizes, as determined by ebooks downloaded between now and April 14th is as follows…

Number of E-Book Downloads: Prize

1,000-7,000- Winner’s Choice: One of my published books (7 winners)

8,000-14,000- First two books in the Summer Chronicles (7 winners)

15,000-20,000 -First three books in the Timeless Series (6 winners)

21,000-24,000- All five of my published books (4 winners)

25,000-27,000 -All five of my published books SIGNED & dedicated to whoever the winner wants (3 winners)

28,000-29,000 -A Kindle (2 winners)

30,000- Winner’s choice: Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet (1 winner)

40,000 -Winner’s choice: If you’re an author, I will thoroughly edit and analyze a 90,000-word manuscript. If you’re a reader, I will give you an advanced reading copy of Fallen Legion and Burning Falls (whenever they are available to me). (1 winner)

60,000 -A Mac mini (1 winner)
100,000 -ME! That’s right, if you live in the U.S. (except Alaska—sorry), I will take you out to eat (my treat) and bring gifts at a date and time we can arrange together! If you win this and do not want to meet, we can talk other options. (1 winner)
200,000- TOP SECRET, but it’ll be good. I promise. (maybe 1 winner, maybe more)

Link to the giveaway:

Download her FREE EBOOKS:

Phantom Universe

Shadow of the Sun

Her other books:
Timeless Series:
Summer Chronicles:

Welcome Books Complete Me

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Welcome to our newest affiliate, Books Complete Me! We met Cindy through BIR2010 and she is organized, kind and positive.
Here’s a little bit about her site…” Books Complete Me is comprised of five women who have a passion for reading books. We are wide open in our choices of genres and enjoy a good story in many forms.We started this site in the hopes of reaching out to our friends and families to help them decide what to read and are so happy to have all our readers.” Visit them at on twitter @BooksCompleteMe and on facebook here.

Welcome To Our Newest Affiliate

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A big welcome to our newest site affiliate “Behind Yellow Eyes” a fansite dedicated to Maggie Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Maggie’s works are fabulous and we are happy to have joined up with her #1 fansite. Check them out here at, follow them on twitter @Shiver_series and visit them on Facebook at

News and Affiliates

21 Sep, 2010 by in contest winners, etsy, Heather Gardner Photography 2 comments

Congrats to @RoseCBR @Caitlingss @FrutiTutti and @RainyDay Reads who won signed Sydney Salter bookmarks on twitter yesterday. Follow us @FireIcePhotos for twitter exclusive photos and giveaways.

Avalonne83 from Podova, Italy is our winner of Rhode’s Black Onyx ring Please email us your mailing addresses.

Welcome to our newest affiliate Once Upon a Twilight! Follow them on tiwtter @TwilightsDance and check out their blog at

And in photography news three of Heather photo’s made Etsy Treasuries this week.

I’m So Berry Happy from Pajazzled

Angel Soft by Orly My Light
It’s Natural , It Is collection from Memories 1303

Welcome Our Newest Affiliate

13 Feb, 2010 by in YA book reviewers 1 comment

Jennifer of Book Crazy!

She is an awesome person, who leaves comments and keeps up on blogs and books. I adore her layout and design on the page and we are thrilled to be affiliated with her!

About Jennifer:

First off, I am Jennifer, Jenn for short. I am a single mom of two kids. Aubrey, my daughter is 10 – she’s an avid reader and loves to get lost in a good book. She is a really outgoing kinda girl, who has tons of friends, and can basically get along with anyone. Zachary is my son and he’s going to be 6 next month. Zachary is just starting to learn to read, and I hope he loves it, someday – for now, reading is not his “thing.” He’s my shy guy…

I started really getting back into reading about 6 months ago, when I picked up Twilight, the movie had just come out on DVD, I saw it and something made me want to pick up the book and the movie….so I did. I devoured the book, with in 2 days I was finished and had bought all the rest…with in a week they were read! (I stayed up all night at least once to finish, I just could NOT stop.)

Since then, I have been reading non stop, finding I would rather pick up a book than turn on the TV, which is so not like me! 🙂 Before, I started my renewed love for reading, that’s where you found me, any time – even sitting working at the computer…the TV was on…now, I am getting back into music, as well as reading!

Mostly I read YA Fiction. And this blog is to help me remember all the awesome books I have read, find new awesome authors and new friends!

I Love the idea of affiliating and joining forces to share good news. The affiliates we have are incredible! I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve met. If any of the rest of you out there in blog world are interested let me know!