Laura Kreitzer’s Massive Giveaway

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One of our affiliates, author Laura Kreitzer is hosting a major giveaway! See her post here to see how to enter and help spread the word. Her break down of prizes, as determined by ebooks downloaded between now and April 14th is as follows…

Number of E-Book Downloads: Prize

1,000-7,000- Winner’s Choice: One of my published books (7 winners)

8,000-14,000- First two books in the Summer Chronicles (7 winners)

15,000-20,000 -First three books in the Timeless Series (6 winners)

21,000-24,000- All five of my published books (4 winners)

25,000-27,000 -All five of my published books SIGNED & dedicated to whoever the winner wants (3 winners)

28,000-29,000 -A Kindle (2 winners)

30,000- Winner’s choice: Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet (1 winner)

40,000 -Winner’s choice: If you’re an author, I will thoroughly edit and analyze a 90,000-word manuscript. If you’re a reader, I will give you an advanced reading copy of Fallen Legion and Burning Falls (whenever they are available to me). (1 winner)

60,000 -A Mac mini (1 winner)
100,000 -ME! That’s right, if you live in the U.S. (except Alaska—sorry), I will take you out to eat (my treat) and bring gifts at a date and time we can arrange together! If you win this and do not want to meet, we can talk other options. (1 winner)
200,000- TOP SECRET, but it’ll be good. I promise. (maybe 1 winner, maybe more)

Link to the giveaway:

Download her FREE EBOOKS:

Phantom Universe

Shadow of the Sun

Her other books:
Timeless Series:
Summer Chronicles:

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