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26 Feb, 2010 by in etsy, free stuff, madame scodioli soap 39 comments

Today’s etsy shop giveaway is from seller Madame Scodioli. I am a seeker of all things bath and body. So of course I love her little tins of fragrance and handmade vegan soaps.
The one posted above is Hierophant: Hierophant’s purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. This crisp, clean blend of sweetgrass and aromatic sage with supporting notes of bergamot, geranium and amber will do just that. A mystifying scent.
Contains beeswax, jojoba, vitamin E oil and fragrance.
Approx. 1.0 oz.
Screw-top container.

After the gates close and all is quiet on the midway, Madame S. retires to her wagon and spends her evenings sewing, crafting and making soap for the rest of the performers.Her soap and perfume are crafted from highest quality ingredients, always tested personally by her and the rest of the troupe.

And our giveaway looks heavenly. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but every time I drive up to Starbucks to get my cocoa I admit I take a big whiff. LOVE the smell. So this is perfect for those of us trying to embrace our inner geek!

To enter to win the Geek Scrub– leave your name and email address below:

Additional entries
+2 go to Etsy and heart her shop
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Contest ends on March 26th, 2010 and is open internationally. Please email us of you cannot comment below.

39 Responses to “Madame Scodioli Geek Scrub”

  1. Beathag

    Sophia sophia.komninou at
    +2 I hearted the shop (princessophie)
    +3 I follow both on twitter (sofiathreader)
    +3 I follow the blog

    Total 9

  2. May

    Ooh please enter me! +1
    I hearted her shop on etsy +2
    I’m a follower on google connect +3
    I’m a facebook Fan of Fire and Ice +3

    May Shum

  3. bec

    goodness, what a great product name.

    +2: happily hearted scodioli on etsy (as LilGuyPaperCo) and…

    +3: am a new follower of the blog; thanks!

  4. ipehishere

    my email : ipehishere @
    + 3 follow your blog
    +5 i put your giveaway on my sidebar :
    +2 i went to Etsy and heart u , but im newbie there , my username there ipehishere
    +3 i tweeted you here :
    post ur link on my side bar :
    +3 follow both of on twitter @FireIcePhotos and @Scodioli
    +3 become a fan of Fire and Ice or Scodioli

    total : 19 entries 🙂

    really want to try it.. i love bar soap! 🙂

  5. Heather!

    This stuff looks GREAT! My name is Heather!, and my email address is h4schaffer at gmail dot com. + 1
    I hearted the Etsy shop as hybroanglid. + 2
    I follow both on Twitter as hybroanglid. + 3
    I follow via Google Connect. + 3
    I am a fan of Fire and Ice on FB. + 3
    I am a fan of Scodioli on FB. +3

    TOTAL = 15 entries!! Yeah!!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  6. Heather!

    Hmmm…I just submitted my comment for 15 entries, and got a message that said my comment was published…but it’s not here. So here we go again!

    Heather!, h4schaffer at gmail dot com +1
    Hearted ETsy (hybroanglid) +2
    Twitter follow both (hybroanglid) +3
    follow blog +3
    fan fire and ice + 3
    fan scodioli + 3

    TOTAL = 15

  7. Sarah

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the offer!

    Email: taylorse30(at)gmail(dot)com (1)
    +2 : Heart her shop (taylorse30)
    +3 : Follow your blog

    Total: +6

  8. bianca_riot


    +2 go to Etsy and heart her shop

    +3 tweet this contest-

    +3 follow both of us on twitter @FireIcePhotos and @Scodioli — @bianca_riot

    +3 follow our blog

    +3 become a fan of Fire and Ice or Scodioli
    -Bianca F

    14 entries.



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