Angel Wings Handmade Soap Giveaway

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Our giveaway today is from Etsy seller SatinandBirch. I was browsing angel wings the other day and ran accross this soap! WOW! Here’s what she says about it: It’s hard to believe this is soap. My tribute to hoping there are Angels all around us. I will leave it to the imagination.

I make my own Fragrance, commercially made fragrances can be very hard on sensitive skin. This is a light floral that is fresh and feminine. The top note is Jasmine followed by Lemon the bottom note is Rose.

I think they look best in white but I will do them in any color you like. I have done these for wedding favors.

They measure about 3×3. Two of them come with your order Gift Wrapped.

Each Wing is almost 2 oz each.

I guess I just wanted to create something unique and pretty.

It may just be soap you say…but beauty comes in all forms.

I am 50 something going on 20 something years old and living in Reno Nevada, I used to think I was a beach girl, but I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I was raised in So Cal and I have the most wonderful son who still is in So Cal. He is the Pride and Joy of my life.
I have lots of family here in Reno who I consider not only family but my best friends.

As I continue to browse on Etsy I am overwhelmed by the talent I see. So much beauty in one place.

I consider my soap more of a gift. A very usable gift.
The sculptures are really fun and look amazing on a soap dish.

They always will come gift wrapped and are the perfect way to say Thank You to a Neighbor or Friend, Mom’s for sure.

You can be sure that my soap is completely free of harmful ingredients. Your Friend- Leslie – Avoir une journée agréable et un beau voyage.

She is gifting us soaps for Three winners! To enter:
Tell us who is your favorite angel and why +1
Leave us your email and name +1
Visit her etsy shop

and tell us your favorite item +2
Heart her etsy shop +2
Contest ends March 12, 2010

20 Responses to “Angel Wings Handmade Soap Giveaway”

  1. Sarah

    My favourite angel is Archangel Raphael as I need all the healing he can give me.
    I favourited her etsy shop.
    My favourite item is the Golden Honey Almond Soap as it’s so delicate-looking and intricate.


  2. Jennifer

    +1 I don’t have a favorite angle because I like them all in different ways
    +1 Jennifer and email is in profile
    +2 I like the Clowning Around Soap
    +2 I hearted is shop (jkgorcery)
    +2 My favorite at the angel gallery is the 49/365 by vanessa.paxton

  3. L8BloomerOnline

    +1 I think Patch is my favorite Angel 🙂 He’s so swoon worthy!
    +1 Jennifer Howell
    +2 I love the wedding dancing couple. The detail is amazing!
    +2 I hearted her shop (JenHow)
    +2 My favorite Angel is “He will send forth his Angels” I think that was the name. Love it.

    Amazing contest! xoxo

  4. jemscout425

    My daughter is my angel 1
    brenda helgeson
    pksanddancer(at)yahoo(dot)com 1
    the savon rose 2

  5. Ladytink_534

    Oh this is lovely!

    +1 Besides Buffy’s Angel? Umm, I really like Lassiter from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series because he’s kind of unique.
    +2 My favorite item is the Soap in Hearts and Butterfly’s
    +2 I like the Angel Statue – Angel in the trees image.


  6. May

    My friends are my angels..sometimes I feel like they’re watching over me even if they’re not here. 1
    May- musicxisxlovex19(at)aim(dot)com 1
    my fav. item is the Soap in Butterflies and Hearts Papillon et Coeur. 2
    I hearted the etsy shop! 2
    my fav. one is the white angel
    by • Juan Pablo Giusepponi 2

  7. buzzd

    My aunt because she is always there for me.
    I like the clowning around soap
    My name and email can be found by clicking on my username

  8. MrsCullenized

    +1 My cousin died in 1996. He is my fav angel. My daughter shares his birthday, she was born in 2006.

    +1 Alicia Milburn – pickle.06(at)hotmail(dot)com

    +2 The Angel Wings Soap is my fav

    +2 I heart her shop

    +2 Letting Go is my fav! It took my breath away ♥

  9. momtoem

    +1 (momtoem)

    +1 My angel is my son Louis who I lost last year

    +2 My favorite item is the soap rose

    +2 I hearted her shop on etsy (momtoem)

    +2 I like the Guardian Angel at the angel gallery


  10. Heather Y

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! 🙂

    My favorite angel is the little angel locket my mom hung in my new apartment when I first moved out. She’s watched out for me for a few years now…

    heather y

    The Savon Rose is gorgeous!



  11. Marianna

    +1 My favorite angel is my aunt Kaye, who died when I was only 2 years old. I can’t wait to meet her again one day.
    +1 Marianna mannasweeps (at) gmail DOT com
    +2 Fave from her etsy shop is I Heart Soap in Turquoise
    +2 Fave from the Angels gallery is He Will Send forth His Angels

    +6 total

  12. Lyuda

    My best angel is my little niece +1
    Lyudmila, lusizova(at)gmail(dot)com +1
    I pick the white angel +2
    I like the A Happy Easter Soap +2

  13. Tammy

    Lovely soaps, by the way!! You do a remarkable job!!! Thanks for this great giveaway!!

    Tell us who is your favorite angel and why +1:
    Patch from Hush Hush, because he is protective and attractive
    Leave us your email and name +1: Tammy
    Visit her etsy shop
    and tell us your favorite item +2: I love all of the items, but I think I like the rose shaped soaps the best, particularly this one:
    Heart her etsy shop +2: Done
    Visit our angel gallery and pick your fave +2


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