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Living Scriptures Line Upon Line and Free Month Giveaway

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-Animated series augments the ‘Come Follow Me’ curriculum –

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Living Scriptures, the well-known producer and distributor of animated, scripture-based stories, recently announced its popular animated series ‘Line Upon Line’ is in production on its second season. ‘Line Upon Line’ was produced a resource for families in teaching The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ‘Come Follow Me’ at-home gospel study curriculum. The Utah Film Commission recently awarded Living Scriptures a Community Film Incentive Program grant to help support the production. 

“We are truly grateful to the Utah Film Commission for their support of our first original production, ‘Line Upon Line,’” said Matt Brown, CEO of Living Scriptures. “It’s a dream come true for Living Scriptures to again be producing animation, especially using local artists, here from Utah. Our state has such amazing artistic talent, and we are thrilled to be growing our talent locally. Our new and veteran animators and illustrators absolutely love this project, and assuredly it will continue to be our most watched series.”

Season one of ‘Line Upon Line’ has become the most viewed series on the Living Scriptures streaming service which has experienced unprecedented growth. Its streaming service has grown by nearly 60 percent over the past few months and is now available on eight different streaming devices and services, including Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV, Kindle Fire, FireTV, Android, and more. 

“Now, more than ever, it is crucial to keep our home centered in Jesus Christ,” stated Brown. “And our mission is to fortify your home in Jesus Christ through fun and uplifting movies and shows, as well as help people of all ages study and understand the Scriptures.” 

Living Scriptures adds new content weekly, including animated scripture stories, Latter-day Saint produced comedies and dramas, church-produced documentaries, inspirational films, values-based children’s shows and much more. It currently offers over 1,000 titles, including family-friendly films, videos and other content – both produced by Living Scriptures and by other media producers. As part of its mission, Living Scriptures is always searching for filmmakers to support in producing and marketing family-friendly content.  


Living Scriptures is a small, privately owned Utah corporation situated at the base of the lovely Wasatch front of the Rocky Mountains, across from Ogden’s Weber State University. Living Scriptures Streaming is dedicated to bringing you uplifting family media you can watch anywhere, anytime. We invite you to learn more about our mission and our company.

CFM Family Home Evening Lessons: (”These lessons are perfect for Family Home Evening at the beginning of the week, or to recap the following Sunday. Or use portions of the lesson throughout the week to enhance your family scripture study.”


Our family has been streaming Living Scriptures over the last month and has enjoyed the variety of Come Follow Me Resources, especially the animated options. For our Preschooler, we have used Owlegories and Latter Day Kids videos. We also watch the weekly news reels offered by Living Scriptures to catch the latest updates around the globe. Highly recommended to augment study and for clean entertainment options!

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Hilary Weeks 2020 Tour

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I am so excited that Hilary Weeks is playing a concert in Ogden as part of her 6-city tour this March.  We have our tickets; are you coming?

Come see Hilary Weeks perform live with her killer band in Ogden on March 14 and hear some of the music from the 2019 Live All In subscription songs plus many of her fan favorites!  You can see the whole tour schedule and get your tickets at

Live All In by Hilary Weeks Review and Giveaway

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As a member of LIVE ALL IN, you’ll receive a brand new Hilary Weeks song every month. You will also have access to a song study that includes scriptures, quotes and questions to help you study the message of the song that month! Every month, you’ll receive the sheet music and instrumental track for that song. Plus you’ll get the beautifully designed lyrics, coloring page and two 5×7 printables that you can frame for your home or use as lesson handouts. 

Blog Tour Sale Offer – You can purchase a 2020 Live All In Annual Membership for early bird price of $49 (reg. $59) and if you use the coupon SALE15, you get another 15% off! Only $42!! 

You and your family can also enjoy an entire year’s worth of gorgeous, monthly music, sheet music, coloring pages, printables for your home, song studies, and lyrics for under $4 a month! 

What a wonderful idea. A way to bring music into your every day routing with sound, writing, images and an interactive app. Hilary has created a multi-media way to add inspiration to life with your phone.

I had a bit of a rough start with the app, first not able to log in to the website. Once I requested a new access code, and went to the website to register, I was unable to log in to the app itself because of a user error that said it couldn’t find my account. Streaming on a phone from the website itself is not optimal. I was also unable to join the closed member only FB page. Life brings us trials. that’s what it is. *update* We have heard back from support and were able to log on to the app with a new password. We are also able to access the FB group. It looks like a wonderfully supportive community.

Using the website I accessed the 2019 toolkit and I loved what I found. The music pulled me from a frustrated mood to a good one. The text is uplifting and I enjoyed all of the Jeffrey R. Holland quotes sprinkled in. The visuals are lovely with vivid colors. I have long been a fan of Hilary Weeks, so her music always brings back memories. It is fun that she is collaborating with Cherie Call on several songs, also a favorite singer, songwriter of mine. The content is all new.

My favorite song was fragile. I plan on going back through everything once I find support for the app and FB group. Overall, I hope to use each element and enjoy the writing pages. What I saw I love and recommend! Thank you Hilary for the free sneak peek.

Live All In Website

Attached to email. 

RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY: $50 Amazon Gift card and one Live All In annual membership. Click Rafflecopter linked below.

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Gearing up for LDS General Conference- Free E Books

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I generally do not blog or tweet much from Fire and Ice on Saturday or Sunday. Those are days to devote completely to my family. However, the first weekend in April and October of every year you will notice that my twitter feed @fireicephotos is filled with quotes along with the hashtag #ldsconf.
Twice a year we gather as a church to listen to talks from inspired leaders and  I get together with my family to listen to a living prophet. I’m a Mormon. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. My beliefs make me who I am, a believer. A Christian. I’m not perfect– far from it; but I’m trying to be a little bit better of a person each day. 
I hope if you’ve never learned anything about the “Mormons” that someday you will ask a member or stop the missionaries (the guys and gals with the black name tags usually walking or on bikes) and ask more or I invite you to listen or watch LDS conference starting tomorrow, Saturday October 5, 2013 at 10 AM MDT.
 Conference will streamed live HERE .
In preparation, or to learn more, here are some of the E books available for free download. Also check out the amazing collection of inspiring videos here.
Enjoy General Conference, your weekend, your family and friends.

 Love you all.

Fight For You by Misty Moncur Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

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Fire and Ice is thrilled to be today’s blog stop for

Fight For You 
A Stripling Warrior Novel, #2 by Misty Moncur 
Kindle Edition, 265 pages Published August 31st 2013 
by Eden Books ASINB00EX0VQTM
Book source: author Age: YA
Genre: Historical fiction, romance
5 stars

Keturah fought her way into the army, but now she’s in Judea building fortifications, and the only thing she’s fought so far is boredom. The work is hard, and the other soldiers don’t think she can pull her weight. Her brothers are becoming strangers, and Zeke’s jealousy is getting worse – because Keturah is falling in love with the wrong warr

But she’s not about to let cruel pranks and hurt feelings keep her from doing what she knows to be right. She completes every order with faithfulness – a hasty retreat from the Lamanite army, a spy mission into the enemy stronghold, a midnight assassination. From burying the dead to whiling away hours on guard duty, Keturah will do whatever it takes to protect her religion, her freedom, her peace, and her family.

But in a camp of two thousand boys, the most important thing she has to protect is her heart.

Fight For You is the second novel in Misty Moncur’s Stripling Warrior series. Fall in love with these romantic novels set against a vivid Book of Mormon backdrop.

Wow. Misty Moncur knows how to write! The second book in her Stripling Warrior Series is unforgettable. I’ve read over the war chapter in the Book of Mormon, I know the stories, but never have I seen them come to life in vivid color with emotions, romance and action. 

Keturah has entered the band of stripling warriors, boys ages 12-18 who are fighting for the liberty of their fathers, children, homes and religion. Kit is is a daughter of Helaman, the only female to join the ranks. And this is no longer training with Gideon in the forest or sparring with her camp…this is the real battlefield and the ravages of war. Amongst the action there are moments of clarity and faith that stirred the Spirit within me and made me so grateful for the fortitude of leaders like Gideon. Men who not only led and loved, but who also knelt in prayer before going out to meet the enemy. They did not doubt their God would deliver them and angels sent to fight beside them.

There are stolen moments of a love that is deepening and blooming like a moon flower.The tension is perfect. Kit has some hard decisions to make. Is she meant to be here? Will the man she loves return the commitment as a husband? And, will Zeke forgive her, can she accept the loyalty and attention of her childhood friend? 

I enjoyed the idea of healers who used herbs and the things of the earth traveling with the army to help. 

Wishing book three, which is due to be released in November were out today so I could keep reading. I’ll be passing the Stripling Warrior series on to my children and family. And, I will never read about the Title of Liberty or Helaman’s army the same again. 

Content: moderate war related violence, kissing 

About the Author: Misty Moncur wanted to be Indiana Jones when she grew up. Instead, she became an author and has her adventures at home. In her jammies. With her imagination. And pens that she keeps running dry.

Misty lives in a marsh near a very salty lake in Utah with her husband and children, where they cuddle up in the evenings and read their Kindles. Well, she does anyway.

Connect with Misty at the links below.

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Purchase books one and two in the series:

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