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Live All In by Hilary Weeks Review and Giveaway

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As a member of LIVE ALL IN, you’ll receive a brand new Hilary Weeks song every month. You will also have access to a song study that includes scriptures, quotes and questions to help you study the message of the song that month! Every month, you’ll receive the sheet music and instrumental track for that song. Plus you’ll get the beautifully designed lyrics, coloring page and two 5×7 printables that you can frame for your home or use as lesson handouts. 

Blog Tour Sale Offer – You can purchase a 2020 Live All In Annual Membership for early bird price of $49 (reg. $59) and if you use the coupon SALE15, you get another 15% off! Only $42!! 

You and your family can also enjoy an entire year’s worth of gorgeous, monthly music, sheet music, coloring pages, printables for your home, song studies, and lyrics for under $4 a month! 

What a wonderful idea. A way to bring music into your every day routing with sound, writing, images and an interactive app. Hilary has created a multi-media way to add inspiration to life with your phone.

I had a bit of a rough start with the app, first not able to log in to the website. Once I requested a new access code, and went to the website to register, I was unable to log in to the app itself because of a user error that said it couldn’t find my account. Streaming on a phone from the website itself is not optimal. I was also unable to join the closed member only FB page. Life brings us trials. that’s what it is. *update* We have heard back from support and were able to log on to the app with a new password. We are also able to access the FB group. It looks like a wonderfully supportive community.

Using the website I accessed the 2019 toolkit and I loved what I found. The music pulled me from a frustrated mood to a good one. The text is uplifting and I enjoyed all of the Jeffrey R. Holland quotes sprinkled in. The visuals are lovely with vivid colors. I have long been a fan of Hilary Weeks, so her music always brings back memories. It is fun that she is collaborating with Cherie Call on several songs, also a favorite singer, songwriter of mine. The content is all new.

My favorite song was fragile. I plan on going back through everything once I find support for the app and FB group. Overall, I hope to use each element and enjoy the writing pages. What I saw I love and recommend! Thank you Hilary for the free sneak peek.

Live All In Website

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