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Doodle Bird Tiny Toadstool Terrarium

02 Feb, 2010 by in etsy, toadstool 23 comments

Doodle Bird Designs on Etsy is giving away her

Teeny Tiny Toadstool Terrarium

My name is Patricia Buzo, and I am owned by my perfect little feathered baby Nani – a Black Headed Caique parrot. I had owned my own mural painting business for 8 years. However, after a a shoulder injury I was no longer able to do large scale work and needed to come up with something new. After purchasing a small terrarium I decided to try making another, then another. Pretty soon I listed them here on Etsy and the rest is history. I thoroughly enjoy the great outdoors and working with live plants. I’m overjoyed that I have found something to be excited about once again. (and of course Nani loves to be outside with me as much as possible, she’s my little helper)

I can’t seem to stick to just one thing, so I invite you to check back often for new curiosities and creations I come up with.

Please visit my Doodle Bird Blog at to read about life with a Caique, including videos and photos of my silly bird!

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