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Baba Yaga T-Shirt Giveaway

28 Mar, 2011 by in tshirt giveaway 16 comments

Our book related etsy giveaway today is inspired by the books Haunted- Joy Preble and Dark Goddess-Sarwat Chadda. This lovely handmade Baba Yaga T-short was donated by etsy shop owner FableandTaleFancies, curiosities, and nice t-shirts. Things that make us happy. You can find out more about the preceding items at our blog:

Description: Baba Yaga, that fascinating and frequently malicious grand dame of Russian fairytale, flies through the air on her enchanted mortar and pestle. Her silhouette, all crooked elbows and iron teeth, is emblazoned on the front of a 100% organic cotton crew neck t-shirt. The fabric is thin, ultra-soft, and an elegant cream. The shirt is unisex in size, roomy for the ladies and more fitted for the gents. A very small story about Baba Yaga and the time she lost her house is printed on the inside back. Each of these items is hand screened (by us!), so every one is unique, slightly different, not uniform, but hopefully just right in every way that matters to you, O Best Beloved. Pictures by Shannon. Story by Megan.

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Baba Yaga Oil Giveaway

08 Mar, 2011 by in sarwat chadda 21 comments

Our Etsy giveaway today is inspired by the book Dark Goddess by Sarwat Chadda. Billi SanGreal is in for the fight of her life against Mother Russia, Baba Yaga…her special oil was donated by the shop owner at Rita’s Spiritual Goods.

“Rita’s Spiritual Goods is your place for good juju, tools created and inspired by the energy and spirit of real life, what you need when you need it. I channel the magic of the energy in each moment of real life, whether it is happy, sad, frustration, confusion, quiet, meditation, bliss, love, pain, family, friends, foes etc., and let those moments inspire me into creation. Each recipe is unique to its own and each magical working full of love and energy and always made when the moon is right.

I have had many magical things happen in my life and experienced many unexplained events. I believe whole heartedly in the spirit that embodies everything around us and within us. I believe in earth angels, guardian angels and ghosts. I believe in fairies. I believe in signs. I believe in soul mates and kindred spirits. I believe in rituals and praying. I believe in positive energy. Most of all I believe in magic.

Description: Baba Yaga is the old woman of autumn, the archetype of the fearsome witch. Her roots lie in the ancient Slavic goddess of death and birth, whose wheat sheaves in the autumn fields hold the promise of winter survival and spring’s growth. Baba Yaga flies through the air in a mortar, rowing with a pestle, or in a cauldron, sweeping the traces of her path with a broom.

Her realm is the birch forests, birch being the tree of beginnings and endings. Baba Yaga represents the power of old age, the power of the archetype of witch, and most of all, the power of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. Although she is mostly portrayed as a terrifying old crone, Baba Yaga can also play the role of a helper and wise woman. The Earth Mother, like all forces of nature, though often wild and untamed, can also be kind. In her guise as wise hag, she sometimes gives advice and magical gifts to heroes and the pure of heart. The hero or heroine of the story often enters the crone’s domain searching for wisdom, knowledge and truth. She is all-knowing, all seeing and all-revealing to those who would dare to ask. She is said to be a guardian spirit of the fountain of the Waters of Life and of Death. Baba Yaga is the Arch-Crone, the Goddess of Wisdom and Death, the Bone Mother. Wild and untamable, she is a nature spirit bringing wisdom and death of ego, and through death, rebirth.

Baba Yaga rules over the elements. Her faithful servants are the White Horseman, the Red Horseman and the Black Horseman. She is a goddess of wisdom, rebirth, magick, she has much to teach you, protection, especially protection of the home. This is the perfect ritual oil to be used in the fall and spring as it draws upon death as well as rebirth. “

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Baba Yaga Redo Notebook Giveaway

11 Feb, 2011 by in Uncategorized 42 comments

Our second ETSY giveaway for the book Haunted by Joy Preble was graciously donated by shop owner StudioMME… “I’m a girl from the frigid land of North Dakota who just moved to sunny San Jose. I play with pens and lots of ink. I like ice cream, chocolate, and just about every type of cereal. The Grimms and Edward Gorey were my bedtime stories when I was a kid and it’s safe to say that they influenced me quite a bit.

You can follow my newest project updates at:

My artistic portfolio can be found at:

My quirky little shop contains prints of my original illustrations, canvas bookmarks, note cards, and a few notebooks.

Description: This little ‘redo’ notebooks features my illustration, “Baba Yaga“. All of us wish life were full of redos, and that’s exactly what I’ve given these prints. Occasionally my printer decides to spit out a stray drop of ink, making a print unacceptable for a buyer to purchase. Over time these ‘marred’ prints began to build up until one day I had the idea to give them a redo. Now these prints are back and better than ever as mini notebooks. Made with lightweight cardboard and lined with black pastel paper, these little notebooks feature 20 pages of Strathmore 400 drawing paper. Excellent for note-taking or small sketches. The notebook measures roughly 4.5″ x 6″.

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Waiting on Wednesday- The Dark Goddess

03 Mar, 2010 by in sarwat chadda 2 comments

I just finished Sarwat’s first book last week, Devil’s Kiss and loved it. Then I found out from him that there is a sequel. And this one include Baba Yaga, the myth I first read about in Anastasia Dreaming by Joy Preble…now I am ecstatic!!! WAITING on this Wednesday, not so patiently…
THE DARK GODDESS will take Billi to Russia to rescue Vasilisa, a young girl Billi’s promised to protect. To save her, Billi must defeat the werewolves that serve the witch Baba Yaga – and the Dark Goddess herself.

Baba Yaga is sickened by the destruction and corruption humanity has spread across the natural world. She recognises mankind has become a plague upon the Earth, and her duty is clear: to cleanse the planet and rid it of the pestilence of Man. Billi is sent to stop her, but does she have the right?

Betrayed and alone, Billi faces a final mighty battle in the abandoned ruins of Chernobyl. Out in 2010.

Visit Sarwat Chadda’s Website and The Dark Goddess behind the scenes as well check out our Baba Yaga photo gallery on Flickr

Book Review-Baba Yaga The Flying Witch

04 Feb, 2010 by in book review, usborne 1 comment

Published February 29th 2008

by Usborne Publishing Ltd (first published January 2008)

details Hardcover, 48 pages

isbn 0746085605

4 stars

Story summary from the back cover

In this fantastic Russian folktale, Baba Yaga zooms through the forest on her flying pot. Her hair is greasy, her hands are arty. Her nose reaches down to her chin. And poor Tasha has been sent into the forest to find her…

First of all, let me say that Usborne Books are my very favorite in the whole world. Their editions are sturdy and withstand my children’s manhandling, chewing and reading. This one I picked up from the library. It has a cushioned hard cover and a ribbon inside to hold your place. I was interested in the subject because of the YA fiction book “Dreaming Anastasia” by Joy Preble. The folk tale of Baba Yaga was introduced within the story and I wanted to learn more.
The Usborne version is easy to read with beautiful illustrations and my children have all passed it around.  They are picky readers, so any book that holds their interest is impressive for me!  I can’t wait to pick up the other fairy tale book in the Usborne Easy Reader series.
To see images of Baba Yaga and the matryoska doll on Flickr see the photo galleries here: