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Destined For Doon Review

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Destined For Doon Review

Destined For Doon

by Carey Corp, Lorie Langdon
Published by BlinkYA on September 2, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 346
Format: Hardcover
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The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story, Brigadoon, and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh, modern experience.

In this sequel to Doon, Kenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake-choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon. Worse, she's received proof she and Duncan are meant to be, along with torturous visions of the prince she left behind. So when Duncan shows up and informs Kenna that Doon needs her, she doesn't need to think twice. But even if Kenna can save the enchanted kingdom, her happily ever after may still be in peril.

The Doon novels are a part of Blink, HarperCollins Christian Publishing's new YA imprint that delivers empowering and heartening literature while maintaining a tradition of imaginative and impactful storytelling.

Another high-action adventure, Destined for Doon is an excellent sequel to the first book, Doon, by authors Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. This book was very fast paced and kept me entertained the entire read. Something I didn’t care for in the book however, was the relationship development between two main protagonists, Mackenna and Duncan. Almost all interactions between them were very strained, and the conflict grew to a point where it was  uncomfortable and at times made for an unpleasant experience. If the authors were trying to convey the pain that comes with a broken relationship, they definitely succeeded. Aside from that, this book was an excellent read. It kept my interest with intrigue and suspense, and lightened the dark fate facing Doon with the bright humor of Kenna and Veronica. I would recommend this book to any girl 14 and up. I wouldn’t really recommend this to boys, as a good portion of the book is romance and may not hold their attention. Suspenseful, enthralling, and filled with the magic of Scotland’s Brig ‘O’ Doon, Destined for Doon will entrance it’s readers.

-Avid Aviary Reader, 15