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Half Moon Cover Contest

02 Sep, 2010 by in giveaway 31 comments

In honor of Half Moon coming out in 140 days, Jordan Deen is hosting a ‘Half Moon’ cover reveal scavenger hunt!

Here are the details:
Today, we are one of 14 bloggers who will reveal the ‘Half Moon’ cover art! As an added bonus, they will post an exclusive part of Chapter 2 of ‘Half Moon’. (You can read Chapter 1 by clicking the Half Moon link to the left on Jordan’s blog).

Now, the contest:
It’s just like a scavenger hunt! Here are the rules:
1) You start at Jordan Deen’s site She has a special post with all the bloggers hyperlinked in the order they need to be visited.

2) You go to each bloggers website, check out their post and their portion of Chapter 2 of Half Moon. Within their section there will be one word that stands out from the others. Collect that word. You must follow each of the blogs and comment on each in order to be officially entered.

3) Once you have all your words, you return to Jordan’s site and post a comment of what you thought about Chapter 2 of ‘Half Moon’. Then, send her an email to: with the sentence that the words formed from the thirteen websites. That’s all! Once you have commented, followed everyone, and emailed Jordan- you are done. If you want extra entries- please tweet this contest, add it to your blog roll, or share it on facebook- incllude the URL when you comment the “Half Moon” post.

The contest will go from early morning on 9/2/10 and conclude at midnight 9/9/10 (PST). (Just in time for Blogfest to begin!)

Want to know the prizes? One person will win all of the following:
Half Moon Swag
$25 B&N Gift Card
Jewelry Box
USB Camera/Video recorder

That’s right! It’s a *huge* prize pack! So spread the word.

Here’s our excerpt…find the key word then go to blog #4 Amy at @ReadingTeen2

Chapter 2 Half Moon by Jordan Deen:

“She spread out a blanket and patted it for me to join her. “The first time Dillon touched me, the world stopped. I swear, I heard music. I never thought it would happen because I didn’t meet him until I was seventeen. So, we sort of have that in common. Dillon is seven years older than me too. He actually mated with someone else, but she died before either of them had transformed. She was five and he was six.” She picked up a smooth black rock and smashed it between her palms. “They never thought I would mate, but one night, we were following up on a lead to find you and poof! We mated, our marks appeared instantly, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It hasn’t always been easy though. I guess that’s the point I was trying to get at.” She half smiled and tossed the rock into a deep part of the creek. “Anyway, the first time I transformed was just a few days after I turned eighteen. They thought that the gene had passed me, so my family was relieved when I finally mated.”

Contest rules All entries:
*Must follow Jordan’s blog and ours.
* Must comment on Jordan’s blog and this post
* Must retrieve the one word from the ‘Half Moon’ post on each page in the order of the words from the blogs.
* Must send Jordan an email at: with your name, email and the sentence made up from all the words they collected from the websites


Contest Winners and News

31 Aug, 2010 by in contest winners 2 comments

Congrats to LizzyGo who won our Key to The Repository necklace

and Lucky’s Luna who won the Orange Popsicle Haze SEA note cards

Please email me your mailing address!

This week we will be participating in the cover release and giveaway by Jordan Deen for her upcoming YA release Half Moon. Stop by on Thursday to play!