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Book Review and Giveaway- Daughter Of Helaman

05 May, 2011 by in misty moncur, utah authors 23 comments

Daughter of Helaman
by Melissa Moncur
Paperback, 208 pages
Expected publication: May 8th 2011
by Bonneville
ISBN 1599554976
5 stars

Nearly a thousand boys are camped in the training ground in Melek, and more arrive each day with their swords strapped to their backs. Some are bold, others are anxious—but all are curious. Is it true, they wonder, that young boys are really forming a militia to assist the Nephite armies?

Keturah hides her secret desire to fight in the stripling army as she watches the boys from the trees. But she believes that if God can protect a boy then He can protect a girl too, and persuades Gideon, a handsome and dark-eyed warrior, to meet her in the woods and teach her to use her weapons. Nearly betrothed to Zeke, she should hardly be spending so much time in the woods with another boy. No one will approve, especially not Zeke, but Keturah has to follow her heart.

By the time Captain Helaman takes command of the striplings, Keturah is armed, she is ready, and she is done watching from the trees.

Adventurous and romantic, the story of the pretty Ammonite girl who felt compelled to fight for the Nephite homeland, learned to follow the Spirit, and fell in love while doing it is both faith inspiring and unforgettable.

Keturah is a strong willed girl who believes she has a heart of a warrior. So when her brothers and closest friend Zeke begin training for war under the leadership of Helaman, she begins training of her own. Hiding away in the forest near the falls, she strengthens herself with a sword, an axe, the cimeter and a bow. The village would say that a young girl of the age to be betrothed has no place wielding a sword. Her mother would have her doing women’s work and staying out of harm’s way. But Keturah is determined she will soon be the only daughter of Helaman to step onto the field as a stripling warrior. She will defend her country and her kin with no regard to what others may say.

Misty Moncur takes a well known scene from the pages of scripture and infuses it with vivid color. This is a story set in the Ancient Americas but made for our time. A tale of faith and courage-of following your heart against all odds. Youth and adults will feel torn as Keturah between Zeke, her childhood friend whom she loves and Gideon, warrior of little words who would challenge Zeke’s hand. I was impressed with the way the author made the story of the armies of Helaman and made it come to life. I am holding out for a book two to answer the unresolved pieces of plot behind Keturah’s heritage, her choice in love, and the action in battle. Daughter of Helaman is a book I would recommend to all readers who enjoy ancient American history, adventure and Book Of Mormon heroes with true courage.

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