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Softly Falling by Carla Kelly ~ Blog Tour

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I received this book for free from Cedar Fort in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Softly Falling by Carla Kelly ~ Blog Tour

Softly Falling

by Carla Kelly
Published by Sweetwater on November 11, 2014
Genres: Children's, Historical Fiction
Pages: 298
Format: Paperback
Source: Cedar Fort
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Beautiful Lily Branson learns that her wayward father has lost his Wyoming cattle ranch in a card game to handsome cowboy Jack Sinclair, no less! When a series of deadly winter storms sets in, Lily and Jack must work together to save the cattle—as well as their hearts.



Carla Kelly is amazing with pulling her readers right into the time and place she is writing about. In Softly Falling, it is 1800’s Wyoming- harsh winters, ranchers trying to survive and gambling readily accessible. Lily is the daughter of a drunk who gambles away his money and reputation. She’s sent tot he middle of Wyoming Territory to live with him as a lady of London where she’s been living a quite privileged (but lonely) life. She’s determined to help those around her by teaching school at the run down, abandoned school house.

With many bi-racial and multi-cultural characters there is a reoccurring theme of tolerance and acceptance. The details are rich and side actors grew to be my favorite. The only drawback for me was the pacing of the book. It was quite slow, and it took me to chapter 18 before I felt things picked up. If one weren’t a fan of historical elements in fiction, there isn’t much action to keep the interest level up. Since I love history, I kept reading and eventually grew into the story. I love all I learn when I read one of Carl’s book about time and place.

Overall, a clean historic romance with roots int he Caribbean, Wyoming and London. Some mention of child abuse, prostitution and drinking.

 about_ the_author

Carla Kelly is a veteran of the New York and international publishing world. The author of more than thirty novels and novellas for Donald I. Fine Co., Signet, and Harlequin, Carla is the recipient of two Rita Awards (think Oscars for romance writing) from Romance Writers of America and two Spur Awards (think Oscars for western fiction) from Western Writers of America. She is also a recipient of a Whitney Award for Borrowed Light and My Loving Vigil Keeping.


Christmas From Heaven Blog Tour and Review

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Christmas From Heaven Blog Tour and Review

Christmas from Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candybomber

by Robert T Barrett, Tom Brokaw
Published by Shadow Mountain on October 15th 2013
Genres: Children's, Non- Fiction
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher
"From little things come big things," Gail Halvorsen remembered his father saying. As a twenty-seven-year-old American pilot, Brother Halvorsen's job was to airdrop much-needed food and supplies to the people of West Berlin in the aftermath of World War II. But it was his simple gift of two sticks of gum that launched an extraordinary humanitarian endeavor and earned him the nickname "The Candy Bomber." Each day as hundreds of small white parachutes delivered treats to the children of West Germany, the wounds of war began to heal. "Operation Little Vittles" captured the imagination of people everywhere, bringing the spirit of Christmas to a world in need of peace and hope.

Famed broadcast journalist and author Tom Brokaw brings this remarkable true story to life in a stunning live performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, captured on the accompanying DVD. Also included in the book is a template and directions for creating your own "Candy Bomber" parachutes.

Review: Last night as our family gathered to talk about the things we are thankful for we read Christmas From Heaven out loud. It’s the trued story of “Hal” a WWII veteran, better known as the “candy bomber” who felt inspired to share all that he had with the children behind barbed wire fences…two sticks of gum. From this small thing, came big things. The idea to rain candy down form heaven in tiny parachutes made form hankerchiefs. His friends donated their candy and chocolate rations, he promised the children he would return and “wiggle his wings” as a symbol that his plane was ready to drop treats. Before long word got out, the press ate up the story and Hal’s general approved. 18 tones were shipped plus three more tons donated from private donors to the vittle delivery soldiers who dropped the treats to villagers below.

My children were all fascinated by this idea and for once they paid attention both to what we were reading and to the deeper message. Be gratetful for your freedom, give all that you have, no matter how small. They each wanted a turn looking at the photos of the actual children, the letters written and drawn in crayon and the beautiful illustrations. The book comes with a DVD which is a portion of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert and Tom Brokaw reading aloud from Christmas from Heaven.

Mom, he is reading it word for word my 9 year old cried as he grabbed the book to follow along and read in his own voice. What a wonderful gift Christmas From Heaven:The True Story of the Berlin Candybomber was for my own family, and what a wonderful feeling it brought into our home. It literally made our day.

Thanks so much to Shadow Mountain for once again teaching us through media the true spirit of the season.




About the Author

Tom Browaw

Thomas John Brokaw is an American television journalist and author, previously working on regularly scheduled news documentaries for the NBC television network, and is the former NBC News anchorman and managing editor of the program NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. His last broadcast as anchorman was on December 1, 2004, succeeded by Brian Williams in a carefully planned transition. In the later part of Tom Brokaw’s tenure, NBC Nightly News became the most watched cable or broadcast news program in the United States. Brokaw also hosted, wrote, and moderated special programs on a wide range of topics. Throughout his career, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

Brokaw serves on the Howard University School of Communications Board of Visitors and on the boards of trustees of the University of South Dakota, the Norton Simon Museum, the American Museum of Natural History and the International Rescue Committee. As well as his television journalism, he has written for periodicals and has authored books. He still works at NBC as a Special Correspondent.