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LDS Booksellers Association Convention Photo Gallery- NEW Titles at LDSBA for 2013

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Each year the LDS Booksellers Convention holds a trade show called LDSBA to unveil the new covers and titles. This year I got to attend both days photographing signings, authors and booths out on the exhibit floor. There are so many amazing new books and music releases I want to share with you all!

First is Pocketful of Poetry by Mindy Gledhill, a music CD to be released September 10th by Deseret Book. Mindy’s music is whimsical and if  you’ve never checked it out, you need to! 
Have a listen…

Mindy was so kind, tweeting me on twitter and commenting on instagram to announce her signing. I’ve previewed the CD and LOVE it! She’s offering a free download of her song on her website so head on over there.

Next is new YA title from Covenant called Hadley- Hadley Benson by Jody Wind Durfee. This one has an autistic character which I always look for in a book…

Book Summary: When Maddi Benson moves in next door to Jaxon Quayle, neither of them knows how much life is about to change. Jaxon knows he should date only girls who share his faith, but as he gets to know Maddi he wants his new neighbor to be more than a friend. To make things even more complicated, there s Maddi s twin brother Hadley (or Hadley-Hadley, as he calls himself), who has special needs and always seems to be hanging around, and Jaxon s pal Tanner, who feels more than a little left out. Jaxon feels hopeful when the Bensons begin to consider joining the Church, which would solve at least one of his problems. But just when things seem to be working out, a horrible prank seems to make everything fall apart, leaving Maddi and Jaxon caught in the middle of doubt and faith, hurt and forgiveness, friendship and love.

Find out more on Goodreads.
And my final favorite pick from LDSBA is for another new CD, Say Love available September 9th by Hilary Weeks. Ummm… gorgeous cover!! Cassandra Barney is the cover artist. The music is heavenly (I’ve had a sneak peek).You will want this one.
Learn more about Say Love at Deseret Book
Below are some of the merchandise links for the fun stuff I saw at LDSBA. Click on the image to learn more.
All photos in slide show and on site are copyright Heather Gardner Photography
Visit my smugmug gallery and facebook page for a close up look and descriptions of the authors featured in each photo. 
Thanks so much to LDSBA for inviting me. If you are an artist, author or publisher who attended or had a product highlighted there, leave me a comment. I would love to add you to my list!

Music Review: Nearer

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Audio CD
Release Date: October 13, 2009
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Shadow Mountain
5 stars
In a first of its kind release, Nearer: A New Collection of Favorite Hymns is a fresh, current take on the hymns that are most loved by young adults. Keeping in mind a reverence and respect for these hymns, such artists as Kalai, Mindy Gledhill, Benton Paul, Sarah Sample, and others help young adults feel more in touch with the Lord through their music.

As a rule of thumb, I am very picky about the music I listen to because I have found what I tune into really affects my mood. Music speaks to my soul. This CD has changed me. It is incredible. The first thing I love is the jewel case cover….simple but serene. Some of my all-time favorite singers are on this album, notably Mindy Gledhill and Sarah Sample. They add a folky twist to traditional hymns while still keeping them close enough to their foundation. I recommend adding Nearer to your Christmas wish list and gifting it to Young Adults you know. It’s been played over and over in my home and I can’t say enough about it to those I love. Favorite track: Be Still My Soul, which is breathtaking. Absolutely five stars to a CD that rooted itself within my heart. Thank you so much to Deseret Book for sending this to me; I may never have found it on my own.

Listen to sample tracks from Nearer on Amazon here or Download the songs at Deseret Book here.