Instant Cooking With Six Sisters’ Stuff: A Fast, Easy, and Delicious Way to Feed Your Family

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Publisher : Shadow Mountain

January 5, 202

Paperback : 224 pages

ISBN-10 : 1629727911


Full description:

In their tenth cookbook, bloggers Six Sisters’ Stuff make Instant Pot© cooking a snap with quick-and-easy recipes and a how-to guide for using this must-have essential kitchen cooking tool. This cookbook covers each meal of the day and features classic recipes retooled for Instant Pot® cooking like Hawaiian Meatballs as well as new dishes like Dr Pepper Pulled Pork. By following the “Instant Pot How-to Guide,” chefs can learn how to use this tool to easily cook food that has robust flavors. Each recipe contains clear instructions for prep and specific pressure cooking times from start to ready-to-serve.


When we opened this cookbook from Shadow Mountain, I asked my family chef which recipes looks good. She responded “all of them.” With thick pages and crisp photos, this instant pot guide book offers many mouth watering options. We will be trying the mashed potatoes, Italian Pot Roast, French Dip sandwiches, and Hot Chocolate. We loved the simple instructions, tips and tricks in the opening chapter. Perfect for easy to make, quick meals, the Six Sisters are masters at their art. Over, the years we have used their cookbooks to whip up yummy dishes. We loved the instant cooking option.

About the Six Sisters:

Six Sisters' Stuff

The Six Sisters—Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra—started their blog as a way to keep in touch after they moved out of their house and started families of their own. In just a few years their blog has become one of the top sites for women, with millions of visitors each month following the sisters’ recipes and tips for running a home. The sisters live in California, Texas, and Utah.

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