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Fire and Ice is today’s stop on the official tour for Quincy Moves to the Desert hosted by Walker Author Tours.
Quincy Moves to the Desert
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published August 1st 2011
by Pathfinder Equine Publications
ISBN 0981924018
5 stars

Summary From Goodreads: In the second book of the Quincy the Horse series, Quincy and his friend, Beau, leave the comforts of home and go on a big trip across the US on a huge horse van. Beau is in his element as Quincy’s tour guide. This is the story of Quincy’s journey of self-discovery. He has his doubts about the trip until Beau explains that they are going West where there are “Trails as far as a horse can see.” Quincy is soon soaking up the sights and to his amazement, he learns that “Horses are everywhere.” On the way he sees all the jobs horses can do and dreams about his own possibilities. By the time they reach the desert, he has learned something about himself. He is an American Quarterhorse, the breed that can do anything. Full of energy and imagination, the beautifully illustrated book includes a map of the US with nine highlighted states. Team Matthews and Black have provided a perfect sequel.

Review: Horse enthusiasts and young readers alike will love Quincy Moves to the Desert as it follows the trek of Quincy and Beau to a new home. With beautiful illustrations and scenic vistas this book is not only visually welcoming but also educational. Your young reader will learn about different breeds and function of America’s horses as well as the sites and scenes of traveling West. Each illustration is adapted from a full color oil painting.

Quincy Moves to the Desert is a great way to teach your young one about the American West and the exciting adventure of two horses making their way across country in a horse van. We enjoyed it at our home.

Author’s Bio: Camille Matthews is a licensed clinical social worker and author of the Quincy the Horse Books for children ages K-4t.h. She notes that most children have empathy for animals and identify with Quincy and his adventures which involve every day challenges that children face such as loss and change, a family move, confronting a bully and sibling rivalry.

Matthews was born in Lexington, KY, an area considered by many the horse capital of the world. She loved to read and treasured her horse books. She was an only child and her favorite activity was visiting her grandfather’s farm where she learned to ride. As an adult she has been an avid equestrian. In 2002, she became certified in the relatively new field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and established the Pathfinder Program, one of the first equine assisted mental health programs in New Mexico providing EAP to children and teens.
In 2008 she had the idea for a series of children’s horse books inspired by real events in the life of one of her horses. She teamed with Michelle Black, a horse trainer and artist in Farmington, New Mexico, to create the Quincy the Horse Books. Their first book, Quincy Finds A New Home was published in 2009 and awarded a Mom’s Choice Gold in 2010. The sequel, Quincy Moves to the Desert, released in August 2011, is a recipient of Mom’s Choice Gold and Tillywig Toy awards for 2011. The series will include at least two more of Quincy’s adventures. Quincy and Buck will be released later in 2012, Quincy and His Brothersin 2013. Matthews and Black have given great care to the details of horse life in the series and Black’s vibrant, authentic artwork brings Quincy’s world to life for young readers.

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