Borrowing Abby Grace Part 1: The Shadow

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Borrowing Abby Grace (The Shadow #1)
by Kelly Green
ebook, 47 pages
Published October 17th 2011 by Backlit

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Rating: 3.75 stars

Sent to repair the lives and loves of teenagers on the edge of disaster, smart and sassy Abby Grace has everything going for her, except one thing: a body. This fast-paced and exciting episode is the first installment in an ongoing monthly series, Borrowing Abby Grace.

This was a fun, yet quick read. The action starts off right away, when we meet the main character as she wakes up in a van being driven by people in ski masks. She has absolutely no memory of who she is or what has happened to her, yet she can tell that she shouldn’t be in this van and begins making escape plans. Her adventure continues when she meets a father she doesn’t recognize and then the mysterious Will who explains that she is a Shadow. While she is Abby Grace, everyone around her sees her has the blonde haired, fabulous singer, Brooke. She has to help Brooke with a big problem and then she will move on…to what, she doesn’t know.

I am definitely curious about future installments in this ebook series. Abby has spunk and the writing is fun. I do wish that it was a bit longer, but that is probably because I tend to breeze through books that I enjoy, and this one did not take long!

Content: swearing

I was sent a copy of the ebook in order to provide this review. The opinion expressed is 100% my own.

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