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Saturday June 25th I attended the Ally Carter signing and pre-event with several other Utah book bloggers at The King’s English book shop. We had a chance to sit down and ask Ally some exclusive questions. Here’s what we found out:

-The Heist Society books are episodic in nature and as of right now there’s no set number to the series
-Hale’s name comes from a name Ally saw at a museum on temple square during a visit to Utah she made with her employer. She wanted a last name that could also be used as a first name.
-Ally first heard about the Nazis stealing art on an episode of West Wing. She has since researched Holocaust art which is a common theme in her series. She recommends the documentary “The Rape of Europa” and book “The Monuments Men” to learn more
-Ally’s book feature a strong female protagonist and several external conflicts
-Her favorite authors in YA include Sara Zarr, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, ELockhart, Sara Rees Brennan and Holly Black
-The fifth book in the Gallagher Girls series is coming out soon with six planned so far.
-Ally previously wrote two adult titles, the first being called Cheating at Solitaire.

Fire and Ice would like to thank Courtney Lowe from the Provo Library and Disney Hyperion for the cool Uncommon Criminals sunglasses as well as he opportunity to meet Ally personally. Also, Emily from Emily’s Reading Room for organizing all of us bloggers and King’s English for hosting the event. In attendance were book bloggers Heather Zundel, Jennifer K Jovus from My Life With Books, Catie Skola from Book Bound, Mindy and Shanda from LDSWBR, Emily from EmsReadingRoom, Heather from Fire and Ice and the Friendly Reader. We are currently giving away and audio version of Uncommon Criminals which we had signed on Saturday, so check our right sidebar to enter!

All photos are copyright Heather Zahn Gardner

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  1. Heather Zundel

    It was so much fun to meet you on Sat! Except you forgot Megan Whalen Turner among the authors. 😉


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