Hourglass Lightbulb Necklace Giveaway

19 Mar, 2011 by in etsy, myra mcentire 40 comments

Our third and final Hourglass inspired giveaway until the book release day in May is a light bulb necklace…

“I moved to the slight cleft in his chin, wondering if the tiny prickles I felt came from his stubble or the ever present electricity between us. I got my answer when the light bulb blew in his desk lamp.” –p.295 Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Donated by etsy shop owner Lovely Musings, it’s a vintage dollhouse light bulb which hangs from a delicate gunmetal chain. This vintage incandescent light bulb is absolutely adorable, and aside from its metal being slightly tarnished, it is in wonderful vintage condition. This whimsical necklace is the perfect accessory for any vintage lover.

The vintage light bulb measures 1” tall.

The necklace measures 21” in length.

Please let me know if you’d prefer a different necklace length, I’m happy to make alterations.

Thank you for looking! All items are lovingly handmade and packaged prior to shipping.

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Giveaway ends April 19, 2011

40 Responses to “Hourglass Lightbulb Necklace Giveaway”

  1. Julie

    I follow your twitter (@JulieHeartBooks), your blog, and Myra on twitter.

    4 entries

  2. Christina

    Such a cute necklace and I can’t wait to read Hourglass!

    Please enter me! (1 entry)

  3. Cass (Words on Paper)

    +1 Follow Twitter @cc9309

    That necklace is amazing! Thanks for the contest!

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  4. Lyudmila

    Cute prize!
    +1 I like the Lemon Jasper Necklace from Etsy
    +1 Like on fb = Lyudmila Sizova
    all entries: 3
    lusizova at gmail.com

  5. WordLuster

    12 Entries!

    I have follow both fire & ice and Myra on Twitter @wordluster

    I liked Fire & Ice on Facebook

    I favorited Lovely Musings on Etsy and my favorite piece is by far the amethyst bullet shell necklace.


    I favorite Little Red Reads on Etsy and I love the Time Flies handmade journal.

    I posted on Facebook about this contest.


    Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  6. Sarah Mar'atul Azizah

    i love the bulb necklace, perfect! 😉
    thanks for the giveaway dear..

    +1 favorite LovelyMusings on Etsy @azhezha
    +1 love the Lemon Jasper Necklace
    +1 follow on twitter @azhezha
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    +1 visiting HeatherZahnGardner
    my favorite is Late Bloomer Necklace
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    love this Pirate’s Life Handmade Journal
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    +1 following @MyraMcEntire on twitter @azhezha
    total: 13
    email: zhe_zha at yahoo dot com

  7. Gabrielle Carolina

    Love it!

    I follow you and your shop is one of my favorites on Etsy.


    Gabrielle Carolina

  8. Beth S.

    What an awesome necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!

    +1 My favorite necklace is the Amber Petals Necklace
    +1 I favorited on Etsy

    beths0103 at yahoo dot com

  9. Minas

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    +1 RT about giveaway (@mt0089)
    +1 Follow Myra on Twitter (@mt0089)
    +1 Follow you on Twitter (@mt0089)
    +1 Follow your blog

    Total: 5


  10. Carina L. Tai

    Wonderful giveaway! the necklace is beautiful!

    +1 Blog Follower
    +1 My favorite item is the Vintage Brass Bar Necklace! It’s such a simple accessory, yet it’s strikingly unique.

    Vintage Brass Bar Necklac

  11. Crystal

    So pretty and unique..love it!!
    I found you from the Lucky Leprechaun Blog Hop,i am looking forward to visiting again.
    +1 added Lovely Musings as a favorite on Etsy
    +1 i think the Petite Geode Necklace is awesome!!
    +1 i like your Water Land Wind Fire Charm Bracelet and the Raised by By Wolves Inspired Journal
    +1 blog follower (GFC Ginger)

    cyclona66 at aol dot com

  12. Martha Lawson

    Love, love the necklace! It’s so unique. I’d love to be entered to win.

    follow on gfc

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  13. Owlie

    +1 I like Juliet Statement Necklace
    +1 for follow here
    +1 for follow on twitter, @Owlie88
    +1 for visiting one of your two etsy shops and commenting below on my favorite item:
    -Ladybug Bejeweled Necklace
    +1 for following @MyraMcEntire on twitter, @Owlie88

    owlie_eye at rocketmail dot com

  14. lexacd

    That is such an odd but awesome necklace!Very original!

    +1 “heart” LovelyMusing’s shop on Etsy (lexacd)
    +1 I follow here via GFC (lexacd)
    +1 I love the Multicrystal bullet shell necklace!
    +1 I love Toadstool Fine Photograph! So cool!

    Total= 4 entries

    alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

  15. Laura

    Aww this is really cute!!
    really creative

    +1 i added lovelyMusings as my favorites http://www.etsy.com/people/laurabooknerd?ref=pr_profile
    +1 I really liked the Natural Specimen Necklace- Winter Buds
    +1 i follow @FireIcePhot on twitter @laurabooknerd
    +1 i follow on facebook as Laura Morales or http://www.facebook.com/eminentlaura
    “The Home Is Where The Heart Is” is one of my favorites on the LittleRedReads etsy i like the intrical detail.
    +1 I follow @MyraMcEntire on twitter @laurabooknerd
    = 6 entries

  16. A Backwards Story

    This is lovely, one of my favorite Etsy contests yet! This is definitely my favorite item on her Etsy account so far. I love the idea of it!

    +1 simply comment below
    +1 visit her shop and comment below with your favorite item (my favorite is the lightbulb necklace)
    +1 for each follow here

    total your entries in one comment: 3

  17. Damla (Sweepstake Lover)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    +1 Added LovelyMusings to my favorites on Etsy (SweepstakeLover).

    +1 I like the Eye Spy Necklace from her shop.

    +1 Follow you on twitter: http://twitter.com/sweepstakelover

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    +1 Follow MyraMcEntire on twitter: http://twitter.com/sweepstakelover

    TOTAL: 12 entries.
    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

  18. Kimmie, Nola

    +1 Added LovelyMusings to my favorites on Etsy

    +1 I like the Eye Spy Necklace from her shop.

    +1 Follow you on twitter: @Bakin_Goddess

    +1 Like you on facebook: Kimberly Flood

    +1 I like the Sweep Inspired Necklace from your shop.

    +1 Already a follower of MyraMcEntire on twitter

    Total – +6

  19. Kimmie, Nola

    I forgot to leave my email address….sorry


  20. Tasha

    So Cute, I Love It, Thank You So Much For This Giveaway:)

    1)Favorite Item : Bright Idea Necklace
    2)Following You On Twitter As:@imyourlush
    Liked You On Facebook As: Tasha Milan
    Following You On Tumblr As: timblr.goriri.com
    3)Etsy shops favorite item: Water Land Wind Fire Charm Bracelet
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    Email: tashamilan@hotmil.co.uk

  21. Ingrid

    Couunt me in!

    +1 add LovelyMusings to your favorites on Etsy
    as magnolica

    +1 visit her shop and comment below with your favorite item

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    +1 for visiting one of our two etsy shops and commenting below on your favorite item
    http://www.etsy.com/listing/53753047/cupcake-necklace – It seems adorable and delicious 🙂

    +5 for a blog or Facebook post of this contest

    +1 for following @MyraMcEntire on twitter
    as my_wunderkammer
    Total: 14

    so.kitsch at gmail dot com


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