Fire and Ice Fan Fic!

16 Apr, 2010 by in fire and ice, Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Fan Fic 5 comments

Just when we think he has retired…NOT SO!
Our very own Daniel Jackson (Edward) of the original Fire and Ice group busts out with a LiveJournal page and his first FanFic! Oh yes ladies, he is back! Not only is he a talented musician, composer and producer…he is single and he writes.
Check it out and leave us your opinions…

Daniel writes…”I got the idea while reading Eclipse for the second time
when Seth and Riley are fighting wouldn’t the wolfpack’s sixth sense notify Jacob of what was going on? No way he’d leave Bella alone if he knew she was being attacked. “

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Any thoughts?

5 Responses to “Fire and Ice Fan Fic!”

  1. Brianne

    I’m on his livejournal right now and I think he’s very talented. Not like that’s a huge surprise :o) but nice to see that his talent is widespread. I think he did a great job and hopefully we’ll see more from him!


  2. heather

    No joke…is there anything Daniel can’t do? He sent it to me to proof and I posted it with his permission. It’s awesome!

  3. Klemz

    I loved it too! I’m so happy he’s sharing more of his talent with us. Heather I was thinking the same thing when you said “Is there anything Daniel can’t do?” I enjoy reading fanfic and I think this one really has potential. It’s even more interesting because I’m familiar with the person writing it. This is gonna be great!

  4. Michele

    So very talented. I feel privileged to know Daniel. Everything he does it great!

  5. Ella Press

    Been at his LJ. Great way to start a fic!
    I’ll have to check out those other links 😉


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