Plan for Chile Earthquake Relief

07 Mar, 2010 by in santiago 1 comment

Some of you may have noticed I am running a little behind on my book reviews this week. I’ve read three books and haven’t posted them yet. My mind has been occupied with the earthquake in Chile as I lived there for a year and a half. I love the people there like family. I have contacted some of them online and it is apparent that there are many in need. Some have lost their homes and have a family members missing. As a result I am hoping some of you will contribute to a Chile relief fund. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to families there. Each day I will be posting silent auction items that others have generously donated instead of a giveaway. Please be generous in prayers if you have nothing to give. Thank you!

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  1. Patricia

    This is so nice from you! I hope you get a lot of success with this, I´m in Argentina and what happened in Chile is terrible, so scary!
    I hope they get back to normal soon and don´t have this ever again!



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