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22 Mar, 2010 by in contest winners 7 comments

Hello! Fellow blog readers 🙂 In an attempt to simplify my life little I will no longer be contacting contest winners via email. I will tweet them and post them on the blog, but if you entered something you will want to check back. If I don’t heard from the winner in 48 hours a new winner will be drawn. We’ve had a lot of unclaimed prizes which makes more fun for the rest of you! Thanks so much for reading and following our blog. let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make it better! And without further ado, here are this week’s winners!

Litttle People Necklaces-Molly WhimsyHouse
Chile relief print by Mighty Marce -Laurie Donovan
8×10 Print from Mighty Marce -Selene×10-photo-print.html
Strangeling Prints- Creative Taylor, Kara Sisley, Nicky at Wicked Awesome Books

Unclaimed-Here is a second chance!

1) Graceling Hardback
2) Toddy the Toadstool Stamp
3) Kelsea Echo Drink Me Jewelry
4) Cheshire Cat Scrabble Tile Pendant

I will give away the four unclaimed prizes to the first four people to donate at least $5 to our Chile relief fund via PayPal at GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Selene

    claiming the Mighty Marce giveaway i won. Didn’t know results were up.

    What do i do now? Do i send you an email? Thanks

  2. FireandIce

    Yep, send me an email with your address 🙂 All but one of the unclaimed prizes are claimed, so donate to win!


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