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LDS Storymakers 2013 and Whitney Award Winners

14 May, 2013 by in Heather Gardner Photography, mindy holt, whitney awards 1 comment

I had the chance once again this year to go to the LDS Storymakers conference author signings. There is always a group of all of my favorite people in the whole world gathered there in one place. If you ever get the change to attend it is well worth it. I snapped some quick photos of the ones I found in the line and picked up signed author swag to give away to Fire and Ice readers! To enter to win a pile of bookmarks plus some exclusive Insomnia swag from J. R. Johansson follow me or comment on Instagram @fireicephotos. I will pick a winner on Friday. This one is open internationally.

Also announced at the conference were this years Whitney award winners. I read 14 of the finalist books this year as an academy member. You can see what I thought of them on Goodreads. Congrats to this years winners!


Best Young Adult Speculative Novel: EVERNEATH By Brodi Ashton
Best Young Adult General Novel: AFTER HELLO By Lisa Mangum
Best Middle Grade Novel: THE FALSE PRINCE By Jennifer A. Nielsen
Best General Novel: THE RENT COLLECTOR By Camron Wright
Best Historical Novel: MY LOVING VIGIL KEEPING By Carla Kelly
Best Romance Novel: EDENBROOKE By Julianne Donaldson
Best Mystery/Suspense Novel: CODE WORD By Traci Hunter Abramson
Best Speculative Novel: THE HOLLOW CITY By Dan Wells
Best Youth Novel of the Year: THE FALSE PRINCE By Jennifer A. Nielsen
Best Novel by a New Author: EDENBROOKE By Julianne Donaldson
Best Novel of the Year: THE RENT COLLECTOR By Camron Wright

Next years Whitneys will be under the direction of  the fabulous Mindy Holt from Min Reads and Reviews and LDSWBR. Looking forward to working together with her in 2013.

Thanks so much to all the awesome authors who contributed swag and let me take a photo. The gallery of Storymakers photos I took is on Smugmug and on the Heather Gardner Photography page on facebook.

LDS Storymakers Conference 2011

09 May, 2011 by in Heather Gardner Photography 21 comments

What an amazing event! There were so many authors all in one place for this year’s LDS Storymakers. We caught up with some of them at the book signing and finally got to meet Lani Woodland, author of Intrinsical. Among others in attendance were:

Traci Abramson
Liz Adair
Stacy Anderson
Bron Bahlman
Shirley Bahlman
Michelle Ashman Bell
Laura Bingham
Deanne Blackhurst
Rachelle Christensen
Frank Cole
Bob Conder
Kristyn Crow
James Dashner
Josi Kilpack
Julie Wright Sarah Eden
Angela Eschler
Terri Ferran
Karen Hoover
Melanie Jacobson
Marion Jensen
Clint Johnson
Elana Johnson
Eric Johnson
Peri Kinder
Laurie Lewis
Gregg Luke
Annette Lyon
Lisa Mangum
Heather Moore
Rachel Nunes Josh Perky
Tristi Pinkston
Angela Morrison
Sheralyn Pratt
Janette Rallison
Brandon Sanderson
Jeff Savage
Kirk Shaw
Lu Ann Staheli
Jane Still
Howard Tayler
G.G. Vandagriff
Dan Wells
Robison Wells
Tyler Whitesides
Becca Wilhite
Dave Wolverton

For a chance to win a prize pack of bookmarks from the event and a poster of the cover to My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison, comment below. Giveaway ends June 9, 2011.

And be sure to stop by Heather Gardner Photography on Facebook or our twitter feed @fireicephotos to see who we got pictures of 🙂