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Spotlight and Author Photo Shoot- Jenny Moore {Becoming Lady Lockwood}

07 Nov, 2013 by in Heather Gardner Photography, utah authors 4 comments

Author Jenny Moore
All rights reserved Heather Zahn Gardner

I had the amazing opportunity to do another author photo shoot this week. Each time I meet new writers and hear their success stories from draft to publishing, I am inspired. 
Jenny Moore is working with me this year as a Whitney Awards judge. After the slew of emails I forward on to her each week, we finally met! 
Her book Becoming Lady Lockwood is expected to hit shelves July 2014 from Covenant. It’s so new it hasn’t even hit goodreads or amazon yet– but watch for this one, a Regency romance (don’t we all love them?)
And isn’t she beautiful? It’s all in the eyes…
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Jenny Moore Bio: Who am I? Isn’t that the big question. Depends who you ask. I’m currently defined by labels such as “Mom” or “PTA Board Member” or “Primary President.” But deep inside of me, there is a struggling writer trying her best to squirm her way to the surface to earn a label of her own. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get too distracted by all the chocolate in there!

Wife, mom, romance writer, eclectic reader,Guitar Hero champion, shoe addict, and lover of all things chocolate.

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