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Black Onyx Ring Giveaway

20 Aug, 2010 by in etsy, rebecca maizel 67 comments

Today’s Etsy giveaway is inspired by Rhode’s black onyx ring in the book Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel and was donated by shop owner JJsJewelry112605.

I love making and creating jewelry. It is my life & my love.
I strive to provide quality jewelry at the lowest prices possible.
I am a people-pleaser… If you are not happy then I am not happy.
Just remember that when you purchase a piece of my jewelry a little piece of me is there too.
I hope you feel happy & pretty when you wear a piece of my jewelry.


To Enter to win the ring: leave your name below

and email address if it’s not in your blogger profile
+1 for hearting her shop on etsy
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+2 to our blog followers and Facebook fans
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Leave your links and total the entries

Contest ends September 20, 2010 and open internationally

Contest Winners and New Buttons

19 Aug, 2010 by in Uncategorized 5 comments

Congrats to bibliophilprds who won an ARC of Wintergirls on Twitter and

@luckysluna winner of the toadstool bookmarks!

In news this week; we are pleased to unveil four new buttons made for us by one of our fans, Mevurah D. Aren’t they awesome? Now I just have to fiddle with photobucket and html so I can add them to our right sidebar 🙂

Contest Winners

13 Aug, 2010 by in contest winners 1 comment

Congrats to Meredith who won our Summer Fun Book Pack

“City of Angels” Sheralyn Pratt Bookmarks are going out to Jessica, Itzel Library and Aik

And the Wolf Tile Pendant goes to The Book Pixie

Please email us your mailing address and we will send you your prize!

Orange Popsicle Haze Card Giveaway

31 Jul, 2010 by in etsy, note cards, Sea 7 comments

Today’s Etsy giveaway goes along with the book SEA by Heidi R Kling and was donated by TwoPoochPaperie. “By day, I work as a graphic designer in the business world and by night, I freelance any and all projects I can get my hands on. My favorite projects are stationery and invitations. I love designing invitations that capture the feeling of an event and although I’m a computer geek, I still love getting a handwritten note in the mail. I believe the perfect note card can get anyone motivated enough to send one. “

Description 51/2 x 4 Fold over note card on 80 lb. smooth white cover stock with white envelope

To Enter To Win a set of 10 orange Popsicle note cards: leave your name and email address below
+1 for hearting her shop on etsy
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+2 for telling us your favorite scene in the book SEA
Contest ends August 31, 2010 and is open internationally

Latherati~Book Inspired Beauty

23 Jul, 2010 by in soap 55 comments

Todays’ giveaway is from a shop that combines books and beauty Latherati. I’m a soapmaker. I’m a bibliophile. I’ve combined these two passions to create my dream job ~
I live in central NY with my husband, three children, one dog and two pet rats. We love to camp, read, craft, play, ponder, stare out windows and daydream.

She is offering blog readers a gift pack of a bar of soap, a roll-on perfume and a lip luster of your choice. You’ll want to browse her shop because there are quotes and scents from Jane Austen, Jeckyl and Hyde as well as other classics.

To Enter To Win: leave your name and email address below.

+1 for hearting her shop on Etsy
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Contest ends August 23, 2010 and is open internationally

Krugsecologic $40 Gift Voucher

22 Jul, 2010 by in vegan 18 comments

Today’s makeover week giveaway is from an amazing shop with all kinds of flavors to choose from! Welcome to Krug’s Eco-Logic ™- where L o G i c … meets Luxury. Handmade, Natural, Essential Oil Soaps, Lotions, and Spa Products. As seen on CNN ! I am so excited to be able to provide you with these fabulous, earth-friendly, VEGAN products! I am a science teacher turned stay-a-home mother who just wanted the very best products for my children. Now, I can share them with you! All vegetable-based ingredients, and TOTALLY VEGAN!

To Enter To Win a $40 gift voucher from her store: leave your name and email address below
additional entries
+1 visit her store and comment below which items you’d like to win
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Contest ends August 22, 2010 and is open internationally

Long Winter Farm Gift Pack

21 Jul, 2010 by in etsy 129 comments

Today’s makeover package was donated by LongWinter Farm on Etsy…About me:: I’m a 28 year old mom of two living in coastal Maine, where I share my life with goats, kitties, puppies, and my favorite boy, Joe. We spend the thawed months off grid in a yurt in the woods, which is like having our own personal summer camp. We even take discovery hikes and have sing-alongs. I like to live the organic homegrown lifestyle as well as I can, so I’m way into gardening and herbalism. I’m also a major craft addict, playing with sewing, knitting, spinning, felt crafts, candle making, embroidery, and of course, soaping! Yup, I’m one busy chick. Nope, I don’t take naps.

Check out my featured seller interview!

About Joe: Joe’s my very best friend, boyfriend, business partner, and yurtmate, and there’s a good 50-70% chance he’ll be the one packing your order. What’s he like? Well, he’s good at washing his hands, being pretty tall, having an Indiana twang, and randomly breaking into Rick Roll songs.

To Enter To Win a gift pack including soap, cream and lip balm of your choice from her shop: leave your name and email address below
additional entries
+1 hearting her shop on etsy
+1 comment on or follow her Blog:
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total your entries and leave them in the comments

Contest ends August 21, 2010 and is open internationally!

Sandalwood Vanilla Cleansing Grains

20 Jul, 2010 by in etsy, makeover, sageandmage, skin care 18 comments

Todays‘ giveaway is the first step in our makeover, help towards new skin brought to you by SageandMage…Writer, editor, Reiki practitioner, naturopathy student living in Melbourne, Australia with my beautiful cat Luna

If Sage and Mage was a real-life shop, it would be a small, old house. You would release the smell of lemon thyme by treading up a soft, green path to the porch. The porch steps would creak, a raven would call, and the door would open, welcoming you. Light would stream in the windows, illuminating shelf upon shelf of tinctures, treasures, spell boxes and potions. Strange and wonderful herbs would hang in bunches from the ceiling.

But what you are looking for would be in a small back room with the phantom scent of violets, in an ancient wooden cabinet, in a tiny drawer, in a tiny box… Welcome, and I hope you find what you are looking for…

To find out what’s in the cauldron, please have a look at Sage and Mage’s facebook page!/pages/Sage-and-Mage/121978711166491?ref=sgm

An all-natural, mostly organic blend to exfoliate and gently cleanse. Suitable for most skin types, but especially formulated for normal and/or combination skins. It smells heavenly – a deep, subtle blend of sweet organic vanilla beans and fresh sandalwood.

To Enter To Win a jar of cleansing grains: leave your name and email address below

additional entries
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Contest ends August 20, 2010 and is open internationally

Contest Winners

20 Jul, 2010 by in sewing, the eternal ones Leave a comment

Congrats @AGreatBook to who won the silver spool necklace
and @Ceeme who won the sewing machine scrabble tile pendant for our giveaways themed after The Eternal Ones.

Please email us your mailing address and we will send out your prizes!

We introduced a new collection on Etsy this week for Angie Frazier’s book “Everlasting: so head on over and check it out! 50% of all sales go to impoverished families in Chile. Thanks so much to Angie for getting the ball rolling!

And, watch for our makeover week starting today. We’ll be giving away bath and beauty products as well as looking for ideas to give our site a face lift! Keep checking back.

Mushroom Bookmark Giveaway

16 Jul, 2010 by in etsy, mushrooms 23 comments

Today’s giveaway is from Etsy shop owner Alice Cantrell

Hello! I am Alice and this is my tiny shop.
I am a wife, mother, sewer, doodler, gardener, painter, teacher and collector.
I love simple lines and natural colors. Autumn days and camping nights. Vintage, well loved objects and good music. Walks in the woods and the smell of fresh bread in the oven. My faith and my family. My husband and I homeschool our six (yep, 6) kids and glean much inspiration for our learning and living from the natural world around us. Welcome!
I’ll put the kettle on.

My great-great-grandmother was a wife, a mother, and a poet. Her name was Marie Louise Smith Edgar (1851-1946) and it is one of her handwritten poems that makes up the background of these little bookmarks.

I have digitally collaged one of my watercolors over it (A multi-generational collaboration of sorts.) and added one of my favorite Einstein quotes. I have left the back blank for jotting down favorite pages and passages. A set of six, professionally printed, “Noteworthy Bookmarks” comes packaged in a clear cello sleeve. At 2″ x 6″, they are just the right size for tucking into your correspondence or gifts.

Alice has donated THREE packs of bookmarks to our blog readers.

To enter to win 0ne:

leave your name and email address below
+1 for visiting her shop and hearting it
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+1 for following our blog
+5 for posting this contest or our button on your site
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+3 for each dollar donated to Chile relief efforts

Contest ends August 16, 2010 and is open internationally