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Review- Blink Of An Eye by Gregg Luke

15 Oct, 2010 by in new fiction, psychological thriler, utah authors 8 comments

Paperback: 293 pages
Publisher: Covenant Communications

July 1, 2010
ISBN-10: 1608610268
4.5 stars
Childhood was a happy, carefree time for Joseph Ramirez. At least that’s how he remembered it. But after a near-fatal traffic accident leaves him with a crushed skull, he’s not so sure. Along with physical pain, Joseph now suffers recurring nightmares. And each night the heart-wrenching dreams grow increasingly vivid and graphic—to the point that he often cries out in anguish and remorse, revealing horrifying secrets kept hidden for twenty years. To complicate matters, a ruthless lawyer is challenging Joseph’s innocence in the traffic accident.

When defense attorney Michelle Haas comes to his aid, they discover they knew each other as children, and soon another forgotten experience comes into play—one that goes deeper than simple friendship. Together they struggle to answer Joseph’s unanswerable questions. Are Joseph’s night terrors actually repressed memories? Can his psychiatrist unravel the mystery behind his nightmares—including his hospital roommate’s claim that Joseph has confessed to murder? As the clock ticks down, Joseph realizes there’s only one way to uncover the truth about his family and himself—reliving a past he has unknowingly worked all his life to forget.

This is the first novel I have ever read by Gregg Luke and I have to admit I was impressed. Blink of an Eye is a medical/ psychological thriller that looks at the impact of traumatic brain injury on one man’s life. Joseph Ramirez leads an ordinary quiet life as a school teacher when he is involved in a car accident that alters his memory forever. Soon bits and pieces of his childhood begin into come back dreams and he learns that it was anything but ideal.

Gregg Luke unravels the page turning plot little by little in short well written chapters that leave you wanting to know more. The detail is incredible and I found the methods used by the psychologist sound and accurate. A lot of research and hard work went into describing the process of hypnotherapy and regression used by the psychiatrist working on Joseph’s case. Blink of An Eye is not for the faint of heart as it describes the abuse Joseph and his family were forced to endure. It tells a gripping story that could very well be many people’s reality who deal with domestic violence and child abuse daily in their homes. This is a hard one to put down once you have started. You’ll want to know exactly what did or did not happen to Joseph and what secrets lay in his past.

It’s one I likely will never forget since it brings to light many of the issues I worked with as a child protective service worker and domestic violence victim’s advocate. It’s a book that leaves an impression. To learn more about the author visit his website at

Special thanks to author Gregg Luke for sending us a signed copy of Blink of An Eye for giveaway. To enter to win simply leave a comment below. Contest ends November 14, 2010 and is open to US residents age 16 and older.