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Book Review- DINGO by Anne Bradshaw

06 Jan, 2011 by in Uncategorized 3 comments

by Anne Bradshaw
Paperback, 210 pages
Published Sept. 16, 2010
by CreateSpace
ISBN 9781452384
4 stars

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Zack Novak and three friends, Joel, Erin, and Libby, meet a strange English inventor, Hunter MacMurray. He introduces the four to a gizmo named DINGO that transports them from the USA to England, with only a few hours in which to prevent a bomb attack on Yankee Stadium.

Can Zack unravel a mystifying clue fast enough? Or does their impossible task end in disaster? Many lives depend on the toughest decisions Zack and his friends will ever make.

DINGO is a quick, fun fantasy adventure for middle grade to Young Adult readers. It starts out in Minter’s Poll Connecticut and moves to England with a team full of four teens on a mission to help save US citizens from terrorist attack. I enjoyed main hero Zack’s tenacity and bravery. He takes on the world as a neglected youth who finds safety in the friendships of others. Erin and Libby are endearing and feisty. The plot moves along quickly and the resolution has a few surprise twists of fate. DINGO is one I would purchase as a clean, intriguing read for tweens and teens. I think it’s also a story that would hold particular appeal for boys. Thanks so much to Anne Bradshaw for sending us a copy for review and giveaway! What an awesome author.

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