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Book Review- The Mother’s Mite

07 Apr, 2011 by in mother's mite 1 comment

The Mother’s Mite
by DeAnne Flynn
Paperback, 146 pages
Published February 23rd 2011
by Deseret Book Company
ISBN 1606419374
5 stars

For every mother who has wondered if she’s doing enough for her family, The Mother’s Mite provides hope that small things really do make a difference. As mothers, grandmothers, nurturers, and caregivers, we are often tempted to view our ordinary daily contributions as an endless string of undersized tasks, none of which seem worthy of any special consideration. But they are. This collection of small-and-simple moments provides reassurance that although our small offerings may not seem significant at the time, these tiny tributes undeniably make an immeasurable difference to those we love. • Each true story concludes with an unexpected gift, an offering far greater than the act of service. • Includes recipes and ideas to inspire your own “mother’s mites.” • A perfect Mother’s Day gift for women in all stages of life.

Last weekend I attended Ladie’s Night at our local Deseret Book and this beautiful charismatic author took my children under her wing feeding them oreos. Then she went step further, requesting a picture and giving me a copy of her book for review. DeAnne Flynn is so incredibly nice! Her book, The Mother’s Mite, is one I think all mothers should read. Each chapter is a story emphasizing a tiny life lesson learned from a mom. And together all of the accounts add up to remind us what a vital role we play as caregivers, women and nurturers- that every little act of service orchestrates a big impact in the lives of those we touch. There are recipes, definitions and quotes intermixed in the pages. I read it in one sitting on Sunday and by the end was in tears. What a tribute DeAnne has written! I would recommend this as a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or just a thoughtful token to a friend in need of a pick me up. Five stars and a smile to Mrs. Flynn, mother of seven children, speaker and talented journalist. Check her website for an opportunity to help others and for stories that rejuvenate the soul.