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Cookbook Review-101 Gourmet Cake Bites

18 Aug, 2011 by in book review, wendy paul 1 comment

by Wendy Paul
Hardcover, 160 pages

Published August 8th 2011
by Cedar Fort, Inc.

ISBN 1599558955
book source: publisher

5 stars

You’ve seen them in bakeries, you’ve tasted their sugary sweetness, and now you can make your very own gourmet cake bites, cake balls, and cake pops right in your kitchen! Cute and creative, cake bites are the perfect way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. And starting from a cake mix makes these recipes so easy you can make any day a special occasion!

I’ve had the opportunity to sample three different varieties of Wendy’s cake bites fresh from her own making and let me tell you they are a little bit of heaven. They look like a truffle but inside lies a surprise mix of cupcake and icing. When I got her newest cookbook int he mail the first thing I noticed was the spiral binding which makes it easy to keep the book on the page you need to reference while cooking. The other thing I LOVE are the photos! The photographer, Marielle Hayes has done an amazing job capturing the cupcakey creations with colorful backgrounds and sharp images. I get a lot of books that come through my mailbox, but when this one arrived it was an instant favorite. My children usually have no interest in much that they see but with visually stimulating and yummy looking treats they are begging me to bake. We can’t wait to try the Spring Flowers cake bite pops.

Wendy’s broken the cookbook into four sections: fruity and fabulous, the sweetness of chocolate, holiday treats,and the icing in the little bites. With recipes for delicacies like Key Lime Pie, dark chocolate truffle, southern red velvet and root beer float bites you can’t help but feel your mouth water. If you’re a fan of cupcakes you simply must try Wendy’s bites! Learn more about the 101 Gourmet Cake Bites here.

About Wendy Paul “I’m a wife and mother residing in the great state of Utah (I have never been skiing…) who decided to write a cupcake cookbook, 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes. I have always loved to bake and cook, spending countless hours in the kitchen. It is cute, fun, and easy, even for the most novice baker. Your family and friends will be amazed with these delicious creations that you can bake for any occasion.

My second book, 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone is a wonderful collection of my best cookies for EVERYONE! From Gluten-free to low-fat, low-sugar recipes, vegan recipes….. and traditional, this book has it all! I am so proud of these books and I am so grateful for this fantastic opportunity to share my most treasured recipes with you!

My 3rd book, came out in August 2011- 101 Gourmet Cake Bites…. From time to time, I’ll post sneak peaks at the writing, baking and creating process. There always is a reason to bake!

I’m always looking for baking ideas and love to hear what you are baking. Email me with questions about the books, or to say hi! You may be featured on the blog…… 101gourmetcupcakes(at)gmail(dot)com -Wendy