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YA Book Review- Created by Cindy M Hogan

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Created (Watched # 3)
By Cindy M Hogan
Paperback, 350 pages
Expected Publication Date: October 25, 2012
by O’neal Publishing
ISBN: 9780985131
Book Source: Author
5 stars
Book Summary from Ari and her friends find themselves in an independent spy school in Belgium, Bresen Academy. Test scores reveal her true abilities and the director wants to send her onto to more advanced training school immediately. She is given a two week reprieve to explore the school’s training program and hopefully make amends with both Reese and Marybeth. Despite her lack of advanced training, the director convinces Ari she would be the best fit for a mission that surfaces in Prague with a group calling themselves Division 57. Uncertain, but wanting to please, she agrees. She quickly discovers there is nothing easy about being a spy and finds her very life on the line. 
Cathy’s Review: Christy now Ari, and her friends have been sent to a top secret spy school in Belgium. She’s so glad to be able to be there with Rick and Marybeth, she hopes that she can get a chance to talk with both of them and make sure they are both doing okay with the fact that she isn’t dead. She just needs to remember to call them Reese and Melanie. The spy school is pretty cool! There are fancy watches that do everything from GPS functions to monitoring your blood and telling you what you should eat to waking you up and getting you where you need to be on time. The only drawback to the watches is that they are not removable, even for showering or sleeping. The kids are warned that they will need to be tested to determine just where they should be placed in the school, they are not allowed to discuss these tests with anyone, especially not each other. When it’s Ari’s turn to be tested, she’s woken up super early, earlier than anyone else in her group. The director of the school, Ms. Mackley, explains that Ari is to start testing so early simply because they anticipate that it’s going to take much longer for her to complete her test than the others. When the results of her test come back, Ari is shocked. The results show that she is far more advanced than any of the others in her group, so advanced in fact, that Ms. Mackley says she is going to have to leave and go to another training facility. Ari really wants to stay, she hasn’t gotten Reese to talk to her yet, so she makes a bargain with Ms. Mackley that she can do some extra training on her own for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, Ari will be transferred to a different facility. But at the end of two weeks, instead of being transferred, Ari is given a field assignment. Ari’s not sure she’s quite ready, she hasn’t learned everything that she wants to yet, but Ms. Mackley insists that she’s the best for this particular mission and off Ari goes. But Ari quickly learns that being a spy isn’t all it seems to be!

This has been such a fun series! I really enjoyed this book, it sucked me in from the first page. I enjoyed all the spy gadgets, I enjoyed the spy school, I wonder if there are really spy schools like that out there…something to ponder I guess. This book had a fast moving plot and likable characters, just like the rest of the series. This is the third book in the series, make sure you read them in order so that you understand all the things that are happening and who everyone is. While I am really sad to see the book end, I thought that the ending was well done, the way it was done leaves me picturing Christy’s life as it could have played out. It also leaves me thinking that I really need to get some super secret spy gear for my own personal use!

Content: Clean


About The Author:  Cindy M Hogan  is the bestselling author of Watched and Protected. She graduated in secondary education at BYU and enjoys spending time with and writing about unpredictable teenagers.More than anything, she loves the time she has with her own teenager daughters and wishes she could freeze them at this fun age. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her snuggled up to the love of her life watching a great movie or planning their next party. Find out more about Cindy Hogan: Blog/ Goodreads

Book Review and Giveaway- Protected

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by Cindy M Hogan
Paperback, 350 pages
Expected Publication Date: March 24, 2012
by O’neal Publishing
ISBN: 9780985131807
Book Source: author
5 stars

Book SummaryShe has the guy. The terrorists have been taken care of. She has a shot at becoming popular. 
Life is great! 
Until they find her. 
Now she must run and leave behind everything she knows, including herself.

Cathy’s Review: Christy has returned home to Helena, Montana after her disastrous debate trip to Washington, DC. She had originally thought that kids at her regular school would treat her differently after her trip. They didn’t. They still pick on her just as much as they did before her trip, even though Christy feels so much different about herself, and has proven that she is able to make friends. She’s had an especially bad day one day, when all of a sudden, she spots Alex after school. He walks down the stairs to her, gives her an amazing kiss in front of all the popular kids, and they drive off into the sunset in his rented convertible. Well, that’s how it feels at first. Christy has sworn to give up Alex and choose Rick instead, because she knows that Rick is a better match for her, unfortunately her heart just won’t listen. Alex shows her a wonderful time, even showing up at her house so her parents can question him. Christy knows that there’s now way the terrorists can still be after her, but she starts seeing strange things, cars that don’t belong and disappear quickly, and she still feels as though she’s being watched. She and Alex go on a hike, and they are kidnapped. This is just the beginning of the adventure for Christy, taking her places from being kidnapped, to being dead to her family and in the witness protection program. All of this will change Christy, but will it be for the better. I really enjoyed reading this book! Christy seems like a real person, she thinks and acts how I would. I really liked how she was told to kind of lose herself by one agent, but then another one told her that she needed to be true to herself. I liked the idea of not really losing yourself, even though you may have to do things that kind of take you out of yourself. The book was well written, the characters are amazing! I didn’t want to put it down until the story was over. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. 

Content: Underage drinking, sexual tension

About the Author:  Cindy M Hogan graduated from BYU with a B.A. in education. She is inspired by the unpredictable teenagers she teaches. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her husband and two daughters. Most of all, she loves to laugh.

Find out more about author Cindy M Hogan at Goodreads/ Blog/ facebook
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