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Meet Our Staff

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Heather Zahn Gardner is the owner and full-time reviewer of Fire and Ice. She runs the twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube and google + pages. She also manages the review requests that come in from authors and publishers. She has a BS in psychology from Brigham Young University and has been writing and taking pictures as a journalist since junior high. Heather owns her own photography business and has five children. She is politically active in grassroots efforts to protect special needs, family, education and parental rights. Heather believes in upholding and defending the Constitution.

She worked in the social work field for many years and served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Santiago, Chile. In her free time, Heather enjoys reading, traveling, music, triathlons, road biking, family history and time outdoors. She loves meeting new authors and working with them to create book trailers, covers, author photos, and interviews. You can often find her on Pinterest,, Instagram, or Etsy. Heather has been judging the Whitney Awards since 2010 and was a committee member for the 2014 Whitney Awards. She was elected in 2014 as a delegate and 2015 as a County Vice Chair in the Republican Party.



Past Guest and Emeritus Reviewers

In addition to Heather, Fire and Ice has others who have published reviews in the past. Meet our guest and emeritus reviewers (click on the names to visit their full-time sites)

Danielle Thorne freelanced for online and print magazines from 1998 through 2001, adding reviewing and editing to her resume. She has published poetry, short fiction and novels. Danielle is the author of sweet romantic adventure books, both historical and contemporary.

Other work has appeared with Espresso Fiction, Every Day Fiction, Arts and Prose Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, Bookideas, The Mid-West Review, and more. She won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest’s 2006 annual writing competition and won the 2008 Awe-Struck Short Novel Contest. In 2009, Danielle won Classic Romance Revival’s Work in Progress Contest, which resulted in another contract for her fiction.

Danielle currently writes from south of Atlanta, Georgia. She was the 2009-2010 Co-Chair for the New Voices Competition for young writers, is active with online author groups such as Classic Romance Revival and EPIC, and she moderates for The Sweetest Romance Authors at the Coffee Time Romance boards and Goodreads. Besides contract editing and writing full time, Danielle has four sons with her husband, Rob. Together they enjoy travel and the outdoors.

Cathy- “I grew up in a small town in Idaho, reading books and dreaming of one day becoming an author. My love of reading continues to this day. I started a little blog: about 1 1/2 years ago. I was reading and reviewing a book a day, until my schedule changed. Now I review 3 books a week. I have shared my love of reading with our two daughters, 11 and 6. We all devour books like they’re going out of style! I read a little of everything, kids books, teen books, YA books and the occasional recipe book.”


Bio: “I like to read. I love to read. I’m obsessed with reading. If I had twins, I’d have to hire someone to hold my book for me while they fed. My poor children. What were their names again? OK, so I’m not that obsessed. I like romantic dinners and long walks on the beach, in the books I read, but not in real life. Romantic dinners are too much hassle and I don’t like tracking sand in the house, besides who actually does that sort of stuff in their happily ever after anyway? That’s the whole reason why books have endings, so we don’t have to hear about all the dirty diapers, temper tantrums, and marital issues. So, that pretty much sums it up, I’m a wife, a mother, and I escape through books.”
Find ephrielle on her full-time blog at Hope, Love and Happy Endings
Aimee Hone- is a lover of books and has passed on her insatiable need to read to her four children. Her passion for books is evident in her work as a Recreational Therapist and by the overflowing bookshelves throughout the house. She has recently moved to Sandy, Utah from sunny Florida. While she misses reading in the sun by the pool, curling up in a warm blanket with a good book during a snowstorm holds its own charms too.
Aimee reviewed mostly on our sister site for Children’s books Little Red Reads
Crystal- “ I am a 19 year old college student currently majoring in dental assisting. I have been an avid reader since I was young and the first book I can remember picking up and not being able to put down is Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone.”
Find Crystal on Goodreads
Jodi- I am married and have three wonderful little boys! The boys keep my husband and me very busy, but we have lots of fun! I am a Reading Specialist, and I love my job. I am an avid reader and feel very fortunate to be able to share my love of reading with my students!
Margie/ The Bumble Girl -“I am a stay-at-home mom to two little boys and married to my Dino for over 8 years. I am an avid reader! I read all the time, all kinds of genres for all ages… I am so lucky to have such a loving family who reads with me and allows me to have the time to share my love of books with everyone!”
Find Margie on Goodreads
Fire and Ice is sad to announce that Mary passed away in 2013.

Mary Walling- M. L. (Mary Lee) Walling is an aspiring author in Naples, Florida. Mary has been writing since 2011 with her first release “Me, My Family and God ” on 12/2011. She has since released “A Still Voice”, “House of Mystery”,and” House of Misery”. She also reads and reviews children’s books. Mary attended Brewster Adult Technical School in Tampa, Florida where she became a licensed cosmetologist. Later she attended CTC in Killeen, Texas where she obtained certification as a Medical Secretary. She worked for twenty years as a Health Insurance Specialist and had her own insurance billing service for several years. Mary left this business and to become a stay at home grandma and take care of her grandchildren. It was at this time that she took up writing again with the encouragement and mentoring of authors she met through a website. Mary writes about personal spiritual experiences and the effects and blessings they can have on others. She also writes mystery/suspense novellas. Mary lives in Naples, Florida with her husband, three daughters, five grandchildren and one son in law.
Mary reviewed Children’s books for our sister site Little Red Reads
Christine Jensen-“Mother to five children (one daughter and four sons) who range in age from four to 11, I read whenever I can get a free moment! Cozy Mysteries, Regency Era and other Historical Fiction, and Clean Romance are my favorite Genres. I read Pride and Prejudice at least once a year. Rereading my favorite books is a hobby of mine, but I am also always in search of new favorites. Aside from reading I enjoy running, singing, baking bread and crochet. “-Christine Jensen (@stickyprints)
Debbie CranberryFries I like cranberries and french fries (but not necessarily together). I like the rain, green gum, reading!, volleyball, cheesecake, and Xbox. I’m not a fan of car repairs or a ringing phone. I love movies (watching, trivia, quoting), eating out with friends, and meeting new people.
I have been married for 9 yrs and have three small children. I have a Bachelors degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development with an emphasis in Marriage Enrichment. I enjoy being active in the community, volunteering at my kids school, and being a member of the PTA.


I am Alacia! I am 22 years old and love all sorts of things: Summer time, the beach, nail polish, babies, strawberries, weddings, and most of all my husband Alan! I have been married for one year, our anniversary falling on April Fool’s Day! Alan got me a Kindle for Christmas, thus reKINDLEing (haha) my love for books and reading! Nothing beats laying in the sun on a nice day, with a glass of lemonade and a good book! When I am not home cooking dinner and watching The Office with my hubby, I love boutique hopping with my mom and sister and looking for ways to help uplift those around me with service and love!
Tina Everett– I am a mother of three energetic children. I enjoy reading, scrapbooking, crafts, playing with my children, and enjoying the great outdoors. When I am not being a mom, I am a full time pharmacist. I am grateful for the opportunity to help review these books and share my opinions with others.