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Becca Wilhite Author Interview & Giveaway

14 Dec, 2010 by in book giveaway, my ridiculous romantic obsessions 6 comments

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions
Becca Wilhite
Published by: Shadow Mountain

Book summary: Sarah Howard’s first year at the university is everything and nothing she expected especially when a very cute boy named Ben in her Art History class starts to show interest in her.

Sarah feels like she’s an average, normal, everyday girl. So, when Ben (to whom she secretly refers as Adonis because she thinks he could be a Greek god) begins to take interest in her, Sarah is in denial. For one thing, last year she was deeply crushed and humiliated by Jesse James a guy who she thought liked her.

She’s determined not to get burned again. But in her heart of hearts, what she really wants is a Jane Austen kind of romance. Ridiculous, right? That kind of romance doesn’t exist anymore . . . or does it? Sarah is smart and fun to be around and even pretty, despite her Medusa-like red curls. She even plays the guitar. (So does Ben!) Yes, Sarah is everything Ben has wanted. He’s crazy for her, but Sarah is just not getting it. She’s playing hard to get, and if she’s not careful, she’s going to lose a real hot gentleman — her 21st-century Mr. Darcy.

Thank you so much to author Becca Wilhite for joining our BIR2010 giveaways and answering a few interview questions! And thank you to fellow blogger Kathy for passing these on…

What do you do when you are in-between books?
Start writing something new. Watch a movie in the middle of the day. And cook a lot.

Where is your favorite place to read/write?
I have a red leather reading chair that sits beside the fireplace. That is a great winter reading spot. In summer, I love to read outside in the sunshine. (I know. I know. I have read the warning labels. But I love the sun.) I write in the kitchen when the family is all gone. That so does not work when anyone is home.

What is your guilty pleasure?

How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?
I bought leather living room furniture. So when I see it, sit on it, dust it, vacuum around it every day, I remember that I’m a real writer. (You have to say it like Pinocchio would – “I’m a real writer!”)

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?
I loved “The Secret Garden” – but I didn’t discover it until I was 14 years old and working in the public library. I fell so in love with the illustrations by Tasha Tudor. So gorgeous.

Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters?
Remember Joe Jackson? How about “Be My Number Two” for Bright Blue Miracle.

What do you find so appealing about the genre you write for? Would you try writing for a different genre?
I love writing YA, because I am totally intrigued by the learning phase of life. I love the “firstness” of YA themes – discovery and understanding, growth and messing up. I love to do contemporary YA comic fiction, because I think real life if pretty darn funny. And I have recently started writing a few short chapter-books, for those early-reader types. That’s fun, too.

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Becca has donated one copy of My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions to our readers and we have one to add as well! Click here to enter. Two chances to win.

Bright Blue Miracle

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“Seventeen-year-old Leigh Mason is not sure she’s ready to share her mom, her bedroom, and her little sisters with her new stepsister, Betsy. And she’s definitely not ready to share her best friend, who happens to be a boy!

Coping with a blended family is not easy for either Leigh or Betsy, especially during their senior year in high school. Each step brings them nearer to a crisis that will either send them running in different directions or bind them firmly together (which, let’s face it, would take a miracle).

Bright Blue Miracle is a new young adult novel that has everything a girl wants: a hero (more specifically, a really cute boy), a villain (who happens to be a stepsister), comedy, despair, pedicures, ice cream, love, hate, tennis, revenge, and, of course, a couple of surprises that might send you for some tissues.”

This was a fun-loving realistic look at how it would feel to combine families and share a room with what seems to be a “perfect” step-sister. Blending two households with teenagers is never an easy task! But Gamma makes it easier with her pedicures and hook ups. It’s a great book for teens with lessons of sharing your guy friends with their girlfriends. Jeremy handles things as every girl wishes he would and you’ll find your heart strings tugged. I give it a three out of five stars.