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Harper Collins News and Contests

06 Apr, 2012 by in story crush, veronica roth Leave a comment

HarperTeen has some amazing things going on in the month of April that you will NOT want to miss out on!

If you are waiting on pins and needles for INSURGENT by Veronica Roth
April 2nd was THE CHOOSING CEREMONY. Check these 5 blogs to find out who the faction leaders are:
Divergent Fans— Dauntless
Divergent Examiner— Abnegation
Divergent Lexicon— Amity
The Story Siren— Candor
Bookalicious— Erudite
Each faction has set up its own news stream—which one will you follow?
CHOOSE WISELY. One choice can destroy you.
Then head on over and watch for some awesome grab bag giveaways every Friday on the Epic Reads and Story Crush facebook pages.

and there lots of HarperTeen books up for grabs on Goodreads

THE WHISPERING HO– USE March 13th  – April 22nd
INVISIBLE SUN March 13th – April 22nd
THROUGH TO YOU March 12th – August 24th
TEN March 12th – August 10th
THE OTHER NORMALS March 12th – August 24th
DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN March 29 – April 29th
THE LOST CODE – March 1 – April 22nd
A WANT SO WICKED March 1 – May 11th
THE LOST GIRL February 20 – July 27th
DEFIANCE February 20th – July 27th

Good luck and happy reading!