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BlogMania Journal Giveaway

16 Sep, 2010 by in Uncategorized Leave a comment

Writing is a Blessing Blog is giving away some amazing prizes as part of their Blogmania event. Head on over there today for a chance to win one of our handmade guitar with wings journal from our Etsy shop, The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa, plus other books and goodies…Catch the mania!

Little Red Reads

24 Jul, 2010 by in Uncategorized 5 comments

We have tried three new backgrounds in the past two days and thanks to the amazing Cari we are able to recover our blog back to the original way it was. Now the question is, which blog design have you liked best? Should we change our name to Little Red Reads and try a completely new blog template or go back to Fire and Ice, because it’s confusing to change names? After today’s vote here and on Facebook we are spilt in half between the old and new. Feel free to leave your comments below.


Blog Makeover

23 Jul, 2010 by in Uncategorized 8 comments

So yesterday when I logged onto our site there was a warning that our design would dissolve today. Blog background went poof! In my trials at change I”m not sure how to get it back. Hence, the new look. Still not sure I like it, but I was contemplating a different template and name. So our regular readers…we would love some input.

  1. Do you miss the old black and white damask background?
  2. How about the music list that autostarted? Yay or Nay?
  3. Should we change our blog button or do you like it the way it is?
  4. Should we do a complete blog overhaul or keep this one?
  5. Fire and Ice or Little Red Reads to match the name of our etsy shop?
  6. Any other comments?
  7. Have you had troubles in the past entering our giveaways via comments?
  8. Any other changes we should make to our site or the way we run things?

Loads of Swag Won Today!

28 Jun, 2010 by in Uncategorized 3 comments

Congrats to Alessandra Fusi who won the Nebulous Kingdom Fantasy Art Prints

Cindi at Tally’s Place who won Jane Austen Sparkly Pendants

Congrats @Jordan_Deen She won The Faerie Path,a book by Frewin Jones on twitter!

Patricia Xara Won a pack of Wolf Cards from OdessaKelley

The Lisa Mangum prize pack went out to Heather Feather

And finally, our Wolf Brooch winner is Sweepstake Lover

Please email us your mailing address. Let us know when you receive your item. Winners have 48 hours to contact us and claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. We received two Euros on PayPal for Chile earthquake donations this week. Thanks so much! Watch this week for lots more giveaways inspired by Paranormalcy and 13 to Life.


Angela’s Studio 1 Jewelry Giveaway

26 Apr, 2010 by in Uncategorized 61 comments

Today’s Etsy shop giveaway is for two amazing necklaces! Welcome To Angela’s Studio 1. I am just setting up shop so bear with me as I list my items little by little. I displayed and sold some of my jewelry in my mom’s shop and now have opened a shop of my own. Grab a cup of coffee and shop awhile, you might find something you like.

My mom has been on Etsy going on 5 years and has unique hats, scarves gloves, purses and lots of other goodies. Click here and you will be taken to her shop.


To enter to win one of the two necklaces: leave your name and email address below

+3 go to her shop and pick your favorite item
+3 for each dollar donated to our Chile relief fund via Paypal at
+3 heart her shop at

and ours at
+3 follow us on Twitter @FireIcePhotos, leave your username
+3 become a fan of Fire and Ice on Facebook
+5 post this to your blog
+2 for each tweet, post the link

Contest ends May 24, 2010 and is open internationally!

Photography Friday- Mono Andes

19 Mar, 2010 by in Uncategorized 4 comments

Today’s Photography Friday is from Mono Andes. He is a photographer in Chile who has been capturing images form the earthquake and asking for aid for the people he meets. He also has an amazing photostream of South America and the Andes. Mono’s black and white photos remind me a lot of Ansel Adams.
He has offered to giveaway a photo of choice to one of our blog readers in return for donations to Chile earthquake relief. Here is his profile…
La realidad es mejor. Nada de potoshop y esas cosas…

Allá afuera está mejor la cosa que acá, se ve bastante más que en las fotos.

“Una de las gracias de la montaña es que no importa lo que hagas, siempre te sientes realizado”
Jorge Quinteros

Somos seres llenos de pasión.La vida es desierto y oasis.
Nos derriba, nos lastima, nos enseña,nos convierte en protagonistas de nuestra propia historia.
Aunque el viento sople en contra, la poderosa obra continúa: Tu puedes aportar una estrofa.
No dejes nunca de soñar,porque en sueños es libre el hombre.
No caigas en el peor de los errores: el silencio.
La mayoría vive en un silencio espantoso.No te resignes. Huye.
“Emito mis alaridos por los techos de este mundo”,dice el poeta.

Valora la belleza de las cosas simples. Se puede hacer bella poesía sobre pequeñas cosas, pero no podemos remar en contra de nosotros mismos.
Eso transforma la vida en un infierno.

Disfruta del pánico que te provoca tener la vida por delante. Vívela intensamente,sin mediocridad.
Piensa que en ti está el futuro
y encara la tarea con orgullo y sin miedo.
Aprende de quienes puedan enseñarte. Las experiencias de quienes nos precedieronde nuestros “poetas muertos”, te ayudan a caminar por la vida.
La sociedad de hoy somos nosotros: Los “poetas vivos”. No permitas que la vida te pase a ti sin que la vivas …

(Walt Whitman, No te detengas)

To enter to win: an 8×10 photo print of your choice:

Please leave your name and favorite photo link below
+3 for each dollar donated to the Chile relief fund via paypal
+3 visit his photostream on Flickr and pick your favorite, post the link in comments below
+3 visit the earthquake photos and give us your thoughts
+3 visit our our photostream on Flickr pick your favorite
+3 tweet this contest @fireicephotos, leave the link
+5 blog this contest, leave the link
+10 send us some seeds, non-perishable food, toys or winter clothes for families in Chile
(email us for info on this entry)

Giveaway ends April 19th, 2010 and is open internationally.
Good Luck and thanks for being generous!