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Myra McEntire Author Appreciation Blog Tour

04 Apr, 2012 by in myra mcentire, timepiece 9 comments

Anyone who has stuck around Fire and Ice since the beginning knows that I am a huge Myra McEntire fan. I first met her on twitter. Then she invited me to her fort and we shared a few laughs about Bin Bons. When her book Hourglass hit my hot little hands I fell in love. Myra is a masterful storyteller, a hilarious personality and one of the most down to earth people you will ever encounter.  She snarky, sassy and real. She tackles real life issues like depression and spirituality with grace and intelligence. I simply love everything about her!
I am DYING to read Timepiece and get me some more Emerson and Kaleb.
Read all of our Myra love through the years by clicking McEntire in our search bar on the right hand side. She, her books and our Time Slip jewelry inspired by her writing have been featured 18 times at Fire and Ice. More than any other author out there!  Be sure to check in on all the blogs in this tour spreading the Myra Love…
Myra McEntire
Industry: Publishing

Occupation: YA Author
Location: Nashville : Tennessee

writing, reading, laughing, dancing, music, sneakers

Favorite Movies
The Philadelphia Story, Christmas Vacation, Harry Potters, Twilight (specifically the commentary) and old school John Hughes

Favorite Music
MilesBillie, Muse, Blue October, John Legend, Corrine Bailey, Rae, anything I can dance to…dance breaks are important

Favorite Books
Bible, Harry Potter series, Stephanie Plum series, Twilight Series, anything by Jane Austen, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, anything by a Romantic poet (especially Byron Shelley or Keats)

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