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Miracle of the Christmas Star Blog Tour

29 Nov, 2011 by in Susan Dean Elzey Leave a comment

Miracle of the Christmas Star
by Susan Dean Elzey
Paperback, 176 pages
Published September 8, 2011
by Bonneville Books
ISBN  1599558629
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 stars
Hannah died the night she was born. The new star’s light brought her back to life, but left her stricken with palsy. Sariah, Hannah’s mother, believes Hannah can be healed, if only she can find the Savior. Miracle of the Christmas Star is a tender story of love, faith and endurance that will touch your heart and remind you why miracles happen.
Such a heartbreaking and uplifting story of love, sacrifice and miracles. Sariah is a woman of faith who sacrifices for her little family. Her daughter, Hannah, is miraculously saved when the light of the new star shines on her after being born dead.  But her life is not a normal one. She is stricken with palsy and cannot do anything for herself. She is never able to walk on her own and must be spoon fed. Sariah’s husband, Joshua is a wonderful support and they have a true, strong love for both each other and their daughter. Sariah and Joshua hear of a Savior who was born on the same night their sweet Hannah was born, and they believe that he can heal their daughter. Sariah begins a decades long search for for the savior. 
Sariah’s faith is an inspiration to me. I struggle daily to do the things that I need to for my family, who are all well and whole (for the most part). The challenges that I deal with on a daily basis seem so big at times, but then I read stories of faith like this one (even though it is fictional) and I am inspired to try a little harder; to put more faith in God. 
If you are looking for a book to inspire you this Christmas Season, this is a great selection. (Warning, read this book with a package of tissues by your side, you are certain to need them).

Thanks so much to Cedar Fort Books for including us in the Miracle of the Christmas Star Virtual Blog Tour! Learn more about the book at And be sure to read our exclusive guest post below with author Susan Dean Elzey.