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More than the Tattooed Mormon Blog Tour

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More Than the Tattooed Mormon
by Al Fox Carraway
Paperback, 176 pages
Published December 8th 2015
by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

Al Fox Carraway has spent the last four years inspiring the world with her story of conversion, redemption, and finding faith. As a blogger, social media personality, and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. This moving biography and up-close account of her life and membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the “LDS” or “Mormon” church) will show you what it means to truly trust in the Lord.

“Don’t go, Al. You won’t fit in.”

Being baptized and following the Lord has made Al’s life harder than it ever was before. She endured criticism from friends and family for becoming a Mormon. She faced harsh judgments from Church members for her appearance. She gave up everything and felt more alone than she ever had in her life. All because she chose God.

Now she shares an up-close look at how trusting God has led her to places she never expected. As a blogger, YouTuber, and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. Sharing her love of the Savior, Al goes beyond her own conversion and encourages readers to choose God above anything else. This uplifting book inspires readers to build a true relationship with the Lord that will bring them real, lasting happiness.

Endorsements for More than the Tattooed Mormon

“Al Fox Carraway is a wonderfully fresh combination of energy, humor, and testimony. At first, you might think this book is all about Al. But the more you read, the more you will find personal motivation to keep going, to keep trying, and to stay close to the Lord through all of life’s challenges.”
–John Bytheway, author of How Do I Know If I Know?

“Al shares her story with frankness and passion. She fills each chapter with memorable insights and true wisdom. But this book isn’t really about Al. It is about God and you! It is about the transformation that is possible for all of us through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”
–Brad Wilcox, professor at Brigham Young University, author of The Continuous Atonement and The Continuous Conversion

“Al takes you on one of the most faith-building journeys you’ll ever experience. Al is real. Al is authentic. . . . Al’s story will bring you closer to Christ.”
–Hank Smith, PhD, bestselling LDS author and speaker, BYU religion instructor


What struck me first about Al Fox Carraway is how happy she is. You can see it in her face, she glows in all her photos! It was a pleasure to read her story and know that the happiness she has comes from living a life as close to the Lord as possible. Al lost all of her friends when she decided to be baptized, her father disowned her, coworkers mocked her and yelled at her, but she did not turn back. She moved forward. She carried her Book of Mormon with her wherever she went and read whenever she could. She devoted her life to temple work and inspirational speaking. She turned everything over to Christ and he made her life more than she ever imagined.

So it is with each of us. Al wrote this book for you and for me. It is a book about the power of change. It is about immersing yourself in the scriptures and moving forward with faith even when there are trials, loneliness and even darkness. I truly enjoyed the down to earth tone and personal stories Al adds. She is truly an inspiration! Do not take what truth you have for granted. Work hard pray hard and serve as she did.


“Relief doesn’t have to be postponed until a trial is over; it can come with a change of mind-set, a mind-set of hope, seeking, and noticing the small but significant blessings from God that witness He’s there. A mind-set and realization that you’re still here, you’re still standing, and you are not broken. A mind-set that allows yourself to have open eyes to see past our narrow and mortal desires. Even our loneliest and hardest days are, in fact, rich with direction and guidance to move you forward, not backward, on the path God has for you to the best and most fulfilling journey.” ― Al Fox Carraway, More than the Tattooed Mormon

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