Almost Perfect: A Sweet Small Town Opposites Attract Romance Tour

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Almost Perfect: A Sweet Small Town Opposites Attract Romance

Back to Silver Ridge Book 1
by Claire Cain

Published February 9th 2022
Paperback, 364 pages

All I want are the simple things in life. A wife, a family of my own, and a peaceful existence. And I can picture the kind of woman to share it all with. She’d be sweet. We’d click. It would be uncomplicated, and it would feel easy and right from the start.

Callaway Rice, AKA bad girl pop star Miss Mayhem, is not that woman. She’s too beautiful for her own good, her life’s a mess, and she’s an outsider in this town that I love so much.

But now she’s staying in the cottage on my property. She’s showing up at my place for breakfast every day. And for some reason, I’m gravitating to her like she’s the one I’ve been looking for all along.


Small town cowboy Wyatt Saint and his brother own the All Saints Ranch in small town Silverton. Two brothers, one with a gruff, grumpy exterior and the other with a sunny disposition and fun personality. Someone books their cabin as Callaway Rice, who they are expecting to be a male, only she isn’t. He is a she and a rockstar who grew up unnoticed by most everyone, until now. Silverton is the perfect small town with a cozy main street, snow storms that send the power off, and the Saints family with tight knit ties without overbearing enmeshment. As a reader you will be sucked into the perfect place. I wanted to be right there, seeing the mountains, making snow men and tasting the local bakery’s homemade bread.

Super slow burn because Wyatt is a gentleman and the two main characters are not alike in any way, but there is a little spice. Both characters have to take risks to make things work, their internal and external struggles are real and come with Miss Mayhem’s career. LOVED the entire cast of characters and I’m going to read more from Clair Caine now that I know there a whole other series based in Silverton. I also can’t wait for book two in the Back to Silver Ridge Series which will explore his brother Warrick. Thanks to Prism Book Tours and the author for the complimentary copy of the book for the tour. Almost Perfect has great writing style and swoon worthy characters! It’s full of small town charm and family support.

Content and trigger warnings: fade to black sex scene, mild language, drug addiction and loss.

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